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nip & tuck

September 13, 2017



what does that have to do with that   or that?   what does anything have to do with anything.  what’s important   what really matters   what’s relevant and what is mindless filler  well well well  what’s the difference.  what day is it?   a PhD in pancake makeup. structural spackle at the journeyman level to fill-in the gaps and connect the dots.  


call & response    cause & effect    nip & tuck


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i'd buy that for a dollar

September 3, 2017

a moster-revealing mirror is worth a dollar

a bike-share window into human nature as seen in this NY Times article

and in your backyard soon


this lime bike is the first bike-share bike we've seen in our zipcode. an outlier deviating from the standard pattern radiating round lightrail stations. it just took a few weeks to make it up the hill 

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hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog

August 31, 2017

bungee corded pickle bucket

August 31, 2017

there's a CETMA rack under that USPS tote but I'd like to draw your attention to the pilderwasser sticker via Chris Murray v1.0 it's so ten years ago clear backing three layers of uberautomotive quality like como se dice if it was on your toptube and you cared for your bike it would still be there today

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we've decided to move in another direction

August 30, 2017

schlemiel schlimazel hasenpfeffer incorporated

August 28, 2017

Shag Bags bag  

photo via DANK bags 

the NACCC is in Milwaukee this weekend

 NACCC in SF ten years ago

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i tried so hard and got so far

August 23, 2017

but in the end

it doesn't even matter

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misdirected energy

August 19, 2017

circuitous routing coming back around again to the same old common themes with one more time around an internal smile that comes with the subtle satisfaction successfully  completing a round trip I’m a big fan of barking up the wrong tree sending laser focused misdirected energy with astounding attention to detail only to learn later they were all the wrong details


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that new book smell

August 13, 2017

I met Ken Johnson on RAGBRAI this year. He told me about this book because his photo of Eddy riding this bike apears on page 127. 

the book is great and I really appreciate its attention to detail and high quality photos. You can buy it here or check it out at the library like me.  

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pump cheese retrospectively

August 13, 2017

not obedient just independent    alone
self-contained entertained unrestrained 
stacking rocks, riding bikes, building forts, lighting fires
kicking pine cones, licking ice-cream cones 
slurping Slurpees until the brain freeze 
pinball, bubblegum, penny candy, pump cheese
the babysitter smells weird   smoking cigarettes
watching soap operas Monday through Friday
her macaroni tastes funny
her tuna sandwiches aren’t as good as mom’s
potato salad, dill pickles, baked beans, hot dogs 
the dog is so hot he’s not moving,   panting
ice cubes melting in his water bowl
garden hose spewing plasticky bathwater warm
the lawn yellowing   drying     dying 
crunching prickly on tenderfeet
they’ll toughen up by Labor day      then it’s
back to shoes and socks and school

"Pump Cheese"  circa 2008


nine years later and/or 39 years later that back-to-school feeling in the pit of my stomach has a little different meaning

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Slow and Low psi

August 13, 2017

 with the flat bar and the seat slammed back on a setback post below it was delusional thinking I could get from here to there efficiently on this really heavy rig with huge tires so here and now I put on this giant handlebar above and squishier saddle and completely given up or given in to the idea of taking a slower slow ride and pushing this thing up the hill to get home. in this latest iteration the bike is 100% Bike Works parts all the way down to the bar plugs and cable ends every single little thing on this bike is now from Bike Works. 

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Re: iterations

August 7, 2017



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heat advisory

August 4, 2017

angry Tony's angry Daltex

August 1, 2017

that's a Campy derailleur more than a full bubble off plumb. 

on day 3 of RAGBRAI on the way to Clear Lake Tony's non drive side crank fell off and the bolt was long gone and when he tried to give it a go with just one crank just that first one big crank with his right leg was enough to suck the derailleur into the wheel and end his day waiting for the sag wagon. the derailleur hanger needs more than a little tweak it needs to be replaced. but luckily Tony knows the Daltex guy. 

if you're looking for a Campy non drive crank bolt in or around Clear Lake Iowa in late July it might be hard to find even with Amazon Prime

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RAGBRAI & aporkalypse burritos

July 30, 2017

of the few photos I took on RAGBRAI 97% of them involve beer bloody marys coozies beer gardens gas station parking lots bars and beer. this is the "liquid century" on a beautiful golf course parked next to Team Bud



there were some bikes on RAGBRAI too and the Hardees aporkalypse burrito features ham, bacon and sausage as well as eggs and two kinds of cheese

I haven't seen so many pilderwasser t-shirts and jerseys in one place since 2009 westside invite

this big bull was in Postville. I learned a little about Postville in the New York Times years back and it then I got to ride through it a few days ago and it's not the average Iowa town and as a pass-through town they only had 6 kybos

on another beautiful golf course sleeping just off the fairway where a handy bush next to the tent is worth two birds

 I heard that more spd sandals are sold in Iowa than the other 49 states combined


 back on RAGBRAI after a 6 year hiatus like a born again virgin but not making all those rookie mistakes

every time I felt tired out there on the bike I thought of Jimbo pulling his daughter across Iowa and I felt a little better about dragging myself to the next town 

I gave this DANK coozie to Jimbo 10 years ago and a short time later someone hose-clamped it to the bus mirror to hold up a flag for a parade in Grinnell that flag broke off many years ago and this year I reclaimed the coozie and put it back to work      taken out of context and put back in

the largest greatest bike ride party in the world involves a lot of interstate travel support vehicles busses RVs cars trucks ATVs airline tickets school busses police cars ambulances fire trucks street sweepers kybo suction trucks traffic signs and a shit load of empty beer cans but...

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where I'm calling from

July 20, 2017

25 # of shit in a 5 # bag

July 19, 2017

what if you saw this on instafacetwittgram?  attention spans are getting shorter and shorter but that's not what they want you to think from point A to point B what's the point. it takes longer to upload/download a photo to this site than most people spend reading complete sentences in an entire day. 

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to too much

July 16, 2017

"too much is never enough, it's always too much"  --Daniel E. Murray


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same T-shirt different year

July 13, 2017



so six years ago

today July 13, 2017 as we speak these are slow drying in the garage at HQ one-of-a-kind one-at-a-time same as it ever was


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round and round and round

July 11, 2017

growing like weeds





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