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I wasn't there, but know someones who were

February 5, 2014

HPO photo

Remember when Dave Krieg went to Milton College? Remember when Steve Largent wasn’t a politician? Remember when Chuck Knox won the AFC West and almost made it to the Super Bowl? (my mom bought me a T-shirt) Remember when Bo Jackson ran over Brian Bosworth? Remember those Wizard of Boz posters?  Remember when Cortez Kennedy got drafted out of Miami in the first round? Remember when the Seahawks  drafted Rick Mirer missing on Drew Bledsoe? Remember when they hired controlled demolition experts and imploded the King Dome   bringing it down in its own footprint? Remember when Hasselbeck said “we want the ball and we’re gonna score”???  Remember when you learned the difference between a field goal and a kickoff?

three-nine photo

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. said...

the sequence of the guy being brought to his knees by the one way sign while on top of the bus is still making me laugh. i remember bo jackson running over bozworthless and out the tunnel. love the raiders as much as marshon,

Posted February 8, 2014 06:57 PM | Reply to this comment

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