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change of change of scenery

April 2, 2014


Off the usual habit trails. On a cargo bike. On a ferry. On a Sunday into Monday. To an island. To wander in the sounds of silence and frogs and owls and work-related stuff. Enough said. Except riding a cargo bike on a bit of a jaunt made me for the first time seriously consider an electric assist rear wheel contraption. For real. Really.


Into a locked cage in the open-air parking garage of a downtown office building some people refer to as West 8th but in my mind it’s not even close to 8th Avenue West so I’d call it 2001 8th but in any case I never set foot in there as a messenger because it was constructed and completed but sat empty for the last year that I sat around emptying cans of beer as a messenger but I went in there Tuesday to wrench on bikes in sort of a cleanup mop-up tie-up loose ends on the tail end of a corporate team building exercise from some weeks back where software sales teams slapped together Torkers as fast as they could in expensive clothing back slapping big talking the talk sales people tend to do.

Visualize a front wheel with a quick-release skewer disassembled into its basic pieces. Toss in all the possible variables…  concave-convex forward-backward open-closed left-right up-down …and every possible permutation of wrong showed up fucked up. Things you would never think of were thought of and jammed into those front wheels. Then talk about brakes, brake pads, brake cables brake levers seat posts saddles and then go back and talk about corporate software sales teams on a convention weekend in a hotel conference room near a buffet lunch and open bar slapping together bikes as fast as possible.  


this bunch of Torkers is such a strange situation

it's not the time or the place to explain it all 

fill in the blanks    connect the dots

the story will be better that way


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pilder replied to ...

Have you been drinking?

Posted April 3, 2014 12:38 AM | Reply to this comment

pidler replied to pilder...

Yes sir, for 27 years

Posted April 3, 2014 12:40 AM | Reply to this comment

Buster Olson said...

Hahahaha! Ah, that was classic. "every possible permutation of wrong", "things you would never think of were thought of". So true. In 10 years of wrenching at about as many shops in 3 different states it was always an incredible thing to see and wonder about how strange decisions made so much sense to somebody.

Posted April 4, 2014 11:47 PM | Reply to this comment

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