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Replying to pilder, who said...

word. John Forester did some good things bringing attention to cyclists and cycling. However I believe cities and towns and counties all over the USA are digging themselves out of the holes they dug with John Forester's inspiration. Vehicular cycling is necessary sometimes and makes sense but not all the time in a rigid systematic approach. The reason we ride bikes is to hop that curb and take the sidewalk or path or dirt trail or dedicated bike lane or amazing bike path all the fucking way around Lake Washington. go with the flow and when it clogs up change your approach. If John Forester rode his bike to work in Seattle tomorrow he'd be so fucking pissed because traffic sucks and he'd be sitting in it in South Lake Union waiting through 5 light cycles to get across one intersection just like all the other single occupant vehicle chuffers. Horseshit.

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