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March 23, 2017


if you haven't heard of the 529 project    you will soon. 

you can learn all about it here  

on Tuesday I got to learn more about it from the guy behind it and I won't try to summarize the entire story when you can just read it yourself but I will say it's impressive. well done with a simple user friendly interface. the information on your bike is actually useful when it's in a place where the people that will see your bike in the world can look it up instantly because you can get the word out that it's stolen instantly. Ever since I registered my bike with the local police department 30 years ago and I got a sticker and they wrote my name down in a three ring binder I've never bothered to "register" my bikes anyplace because it has always seemed pointless. but this 529 platform finally takes advantage of the fact that everyone is walking around with computers and cameras in their pockets and they can be useful. as you know bikes disappear in Seattle and reappear in SF or PDX at bike swaps and on Craigslist so when the I-5 corridor begins to get covered with 529 stickers it can really make a difference and as more and more bike shops get on board and more and more bikes are registered the effectiveness will increase and that little shield on your seat tube will really mean something. i registered my cargo bike this morning and plan to register my beer bike and maybe my kid's bike too because it's easy


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