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a little 50112 in the 98118

April 12, 2017

Steve G sent me these photos of ye olde Cannondale that made its way across Iowa more than a few times and recently rolled into Bike Works. 

those in the know know but it case you don't have the secret decoder ring it's important to work a little RAGBRAI into your day-to-day living. a taste of Iowa (50112) right here in this zipcode (98118)  if that means buying a six pack of tall boys and sitting in the shade across from the beer store or if that means wearing your official RAGBRAI merchandise to work 51 weeks out of the year  or if that means riding a tandem with a blowup doll strapped on the stoker seat       whatever works   works

a couple years later   call me maybe.   a new wheel set. two water bottles. a frame bag. new grips. seat post. saddle bag. I'm not a big accessories fan. keep it simple. but this bike wants to ride across Iowa and I don't want to have anything in my pockets or on my back or in some crazy canadian fanny pack. let the tool do the work.  

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Chris Murray said...

Glad your bike is ready, and I'm glad you are ready. 100 days until we can have a beer on Jim's porch again. Best year ever. Can you feel it. Cheers Mr. Pilder

Posted April 13, 2017 05:09 AM | Reply to this comment

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