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ask me about the dependability bonus

May 29, 2017

ask me about compulsive punctuality

traffic's a real bear

mirror check


head check 

lane change

or      change lanes whenever where ever whatever

those lines on the street are serving suggestions

can't we all get along

look at all those sharrows

multitasking is half assing

it's not the rumble strips in the road that'll fuck you up it's the over reaction stress freak outs in the crowd that stack it up white knuckle like lock up

it's not the issue

it's your reaction to the issue      

that    is the issue

it's a quality of life issue

it's a question a child might ask but not a childish question

"Alexa, how the fuck did I get here?" 

in the northern hemisphere my chapstick rolls itself up in my right pocket but not in my left

I want people that drive like assholes to wait longer at the next red light to slam on their brakes to avoid the car in front of them to spill their coffee in their lap to get a big dry mouthful of karma dust or something like that

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