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fast friday

January 25, 2018

the feelings a mediocre pizza cutter can evoke...

perhaps 10 or 12 years isn't enough time passing to comment on historic significance. so for now I have no comment but in 2028 I'll have something to say. until then I will not be cutting any pizza with this thing.

ditch the drop bar and hack a riser bar down to 9" then spray paint the front wheel 


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Wade said...

Fixed gear culture is definitely here for the long haul. It's my personal choice because it just takes things to a whole knew level. most importantly the way my prostate gets massaged is bar none. Aluminium frames really do the trick and it litterlillie gitz me auff. I am wade and I am an urban assault cyclist in Denver Coolradbro.

Posted January 31, 2018 05:43 PM | Reply to this comment

87 said...

What can I say. Hey Pidler remember that time on 4th ave. oh and up pike. I will knock a MFO!

Posted February 16, 2018 04:14 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

I do remember you coaching a lad on proper cadence and out of the saddle technique pedalling up Pike one evening

Posted February 16, 2018 03:43 PM | Reply to this comment

87 said...

YEP some shit will never change. Stupid shit still pisses me off. if one looks bad we all look bad.

Posted February 28, 2018 09:24 AM | Reply to this comment

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