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books reviews

June 25, 2018

 A Walk Across America   by Peter Jenkins

Dr 37 Mike gave me this book a couple three years ago and now that I’m a commuter zombie with some sitdown time built into my day I’ve finally read it.  it’s pertnear 40 years old but I feel like it makes more sense than ever in these horseshit times we live in today these times of instant tap swipe gratification where’s my uber where’s my jimmy john where’s my amazon fresh. When news is only news for 24 seconds. Calm the fuck down and harden the fuck up.  go for a walk from upstate New York to New Orleans in a pair of Chuck Taylors with a badass dog and a backpack.


Universal Harvester   by John Darnielle

I got this book for my birthday it's a novel that takes place in and around a video store in Nevada, Iowa in the late 1990’s. so right off the bat I was hooked because I’ve been to Nevada and I know how to pronounce it and actually I’ve been to a lot of towns in Iowa and I really appreciate the Iowa landscape and references in the book.  In addition I’ve lived through the be-kind-rewind years and I remember the look and feel of VHS tapes and video stores and VCRs.  This book is a VHS sized paperback packed in a plastic VHS case. It’s perfect light-rail reading in a durable versatile package.



You Think It, I’ll Say it  by Curtis Sittenfeld

I got this book at my local library it's a collection of short stories some of which you’ve probably already read in the New Yorker. I’m a big fan of a story that can take me some place I’ve never been or someplace I go all the time but I thought I was the only one that hung out there until I read of a character that goes there too and and and all that and more happens in 20 pages or less. These stories are amazing like you put the book down and the characters are in your mind like you’re not sure if you met them at a party or went to high school with them or it was just a vivid dream.


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37 said...

Glad you enjoyed it....it does give a perspective of our instant gratification is not soon enough lives....thanks for the recommendations on the other two as well.

Posted June 26, 2018 04:42 PM | Reply to this comment

computer generated female voice said...

tickets may be purchased from the ticket vending machine

Posted June 27, 2018 07:07 AM | Reply to this comment

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