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Are you my Uber?

August 21, 2018

Did you hear the one about the bike messenger


wearing layers when it’s cooler outside and as the day or activity warmed up he’d shed a layer or two then add one as needed.


Layer upon layer of black. He’d step into an elevator dressed in black and take off two layers before the mezzanine  exiting still all in black. Like a birthday party clown trick. He kept taking off layers and no matter how you sliced it he was dressed in black.

Did you hear the one about the former bike messenger


Now a crusty commuter he still dresses in layers some of them black rolling into work and at work he’s sporting branded apparel approved by the trademarks and licensing office some of it black rolling around on an electric assist cargo bike provided by the large government-run organization. On cooler rainy days he may have up to 4 layers on and he can still do the birthday party clown trick shedding one or two and they keep coming up with that W on the left breast.  

Did you hear the one about the Uber driver


That stopped in the middle of a 4-way stop intersection effectively blocking all traffic without a hint of a warning to unload passengers from 3 doors


It was a disgusting example of where we are today


and then


A conservatively dressed older woman on an E-Lime bike bombed through the gridlock at full speed downhill slicing in and out of it all like a seasoned pro messenger. She completely owned it. And that made me smile and feel a just a little bit better about where we are.

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