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it's in the bag

May 18, 2024

Not My Bag was a recent exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery by artist, writer and filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria (born in Tacoma, she lives and works in London) 

The poster features a still from the film Beast Type Song

The Henry sometimes has free piles and if it says “please take one”   I take three. 


So I took the three posters and added Dank Bags in silver, gold and black. I also pulled off some postcards, byproducts of the posters. Or perhaps the posters were byproducts of the postcards. Same paint, different surface. 

When the paint dried I took all three posters and rolled them up to stuff into a shipping tube for the guys down at DANK.  Operating under the assumption that they might not really want posters like this, but they could use them for something else or re-gift them. But the tube was so narrow that the paint started scraping off the poster on the outside of the 3-roll as I tried to stuff them in. So I had to bust up the triptych and only ship two posters down to Rip City. The third found a spot on the wall here at HQ. 

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pilder said...

don't forget to buy her book too... https://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/03/books/review/the-girl-who-fell-to-earth-by-sophia-al-maria.html

Posted May 20, 2024 08:12 PM | Reply to this comment

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