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rusty cage

May 29, 2024



When I say rust. 


You say rust.


But when I say iron oxide, check out this little flowchart I poached from the wiki back in 2011. Hang it on the wall and call it art. 


I’m an arrow fan and flowcharts are a good way to use a few. They’re also a good way to cover the last 13.7 billion years just as well as a short bike ride to the corner store. 


This particular chart reminds me a lot of David Byrne’s book Arboretum from 2006.  It’s full of sketches, diagrams, flowcharts, growth charts and unrelated objects and ideas that become related because he puts them together in new ways. It also reminds me that I like Johnny Cash’s Rusty Cage more than Soundgarden’s original. 


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