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June 5, 2024

Yesterday Stevil introduced a lot of us to a dog named Kevin but it didn’t really sink in with me because I was glossing right over it  ---  however 10 hours later I met a dog named Kevin walking down my block while Cosmo my cat stood his ground and defended the yard and the driveway and the sidewalk as well as the entire block while Kevin just wanted to get a closer look and Kevin’s person kept repeating Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin tugging his leash and I could not stop thinking about well-suited pet names as of course my brain went to Kevin’s Mom full-on then sidewalk chalk with Cosmo and then and only later then when I revisited Stevil’s Kevin it all came together the way the universe intended it to - to you and to you two too they say don’t judge a song by its cover but if ever one could judge a song by its title this is the song a song Johnny Cash could not cover

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