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March 26, 2008

When the dust clears I’ll be starting up a new website. A live web cam 24 hour feed available to members only, who with a password, will log on and check the time. The web cam image will look a lot like this, actually exactly like this, because it will be relaying digital images 24-7 of this old clock that has been broken for years. It is 3:33 twice a day and this clock holds steady. But don’t tell all those suckers out there that are looking for something to spend their money on. Membership will of course be expensive and exclusive and desirable. The more, the more, the more. In the lower right hand corner a digital clock will indicate the actual correct time in the Pacific Time Zone. Why wear a clunky old wrist watch when you can pull out your iPhone and log onto my site and see what time it is. Don’t trust the clock that’s built into your phone or computer. Buy into my site.

A follow-up site will be a 24-7 live feed of a VCR with its clock blinking 12:00am and in the lower right hand corner of the screen a digital image of an analog clock indicating the correct time.

Analog vs Digital
Or just digital with a price tag on the nostalgia of analog.

Ten years ago venture capitalists would've been throwing start-up money at me for bullshit like this.  

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