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June 6, 2014

say hello to my little friend, the Salsa stem on the RB-1 as seen in 2008 on a deluxe pit stop now it's sold to another RAGBRAI rider and I wish I had it back it's been three years since I sat on Jimbo's porch since I sat on that green and black and white short bus and it's like an uncontrollable urge I wanna tell you all about it can't happen this year but can I sign up for 2015 right now today???  ya mo be there 

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Chris Murray said...

2015 Registration opens on 11/15/2014 you can be the first to register if you get up really early in the morning, or don't go to bed. Cheers

Posted June 9, 2014 05:50 AM | Reply to this comment

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