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what does the 49er say?

December 30, 2013

Mother's Milk on cassette

December 28, 2013

for thinking and tinkering a sterilized clean workspace kills off creativity like sanitizing solution on the door knobs of liesure life  there's a place for everything and everything is more or less in its place plus or minus a few seven speed cassettes an REM cassette and Zeppelin II of course  behind a keg cup half-full of bird seed or today it could be half-empty you never know when you'll need an orphaned Fuji non-drive side crank arm or several inches of sparkly brake housing divisible by three but I spy only one Mother's Milk cassette behind some 5 or 6 or 7-speed freewheels holding up blown out front hubs with some adjustable cups up top to place on your table and insert a candle to light on fire for a romantic frozen pizza dinner give me enough JB Weld and I can change the world at a 1:1 ratio two tubes at a time but let me take this opportunity to show you these two works-in-progress seated on the work bench    I've been working on them a lot lately

they're very labor intensive


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your job on a day like this I wouldn't want

December 27, 2013

PS…   …I’m not sure where those digits   2221  are that Mister Craig Etheridge is standing  near but upon first inspection   it felt like 5th Avenue and I smelt like the Rocky Company. But actually the Rocky Company was at 2121 5th and the Rocket was across the street kitty-cornerish like 1928 5th and any good dispatcher would pair up those picks alphabetically phonetically poetically geographically.  


2221 was not an Elliott Bay client


is it raining? 

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greeting card greetings

December 20, 2013

full tilt

December 18, 2013

smells like the shortest short day is almost here

in the northern hemisphere

it's the most nighty-fall time of the year 

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what was once made in Chehalis, Washington

December 13, 2013

S Neil Larsen photo

I cut up a lot of zip ties. Almost every time I cut a zip tie, I think of Neil Wechsler the owner of Montlake Bicycle Shop, looking over my shoulder as I assembled kids bikes out of the box for a few weeks in February of 2003. A big part of new bike assembly is unpacking and cutting zip ties off the foam and cardboard that envelope a new bike on its journey from China to your local bike shop.

Neil was all about saving the zip ties, prying their tiny jaws open with a flat blade screw driver to release their ratcheted grip. If that failed or was too time consuming then it was OK to cut them. But a zip tie has a head and a tail and it was imperative to cut the tail not the head so the zip tie could be used again and again and again. Back then I thought it was all some cheapskate freak bullshit waste of time. But now, 10.75 years later, the wafer-thin bike shop profit margin reality has been driven home and I realize Neil was right to save what could be saved and used again. There was and is no shortage of zip ties at Montlake Bike Shop.

I don’t cut up a lot of bike frames. But every time I cut up a Klein, I think of Chris Murray. Today I hacked up this Klein road bike and made the stiffest lightest cleanest lined cheater bars ever.  Ask me about the internal cable routing, the proprietary fat tube aluminum welding process, the sound of a hacksaw through a top tube and how Chehalis relates to Centralia.

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points of view

December 13, 2013

we appreciate your attention to detail, unfortunately it's the wrong detail...

a clean well lighted place for everything and everything in its place

can't see the forest for the barking up the wrong tree  

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tit for tat

December 11, 2013

There’s a strong correlation between the gene that makes people want to floss their teeth while walking back to their office after lunch and the gene that makes people think it’s OK to throw their little fucking floss pick thing down on the sidewalk when they're done with it.

said it once before but it bears repeating

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the air up there

December 9, 2013

Tom Dempsey's 43 year old 63 yard field goal record fell yesterday. Over the years it had been tied by three other NFL kickers but never broken until yesterday when Denver kicker Matt Prater kicked a 64 yarder.

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colder than prep cook bong hits in the walk-in

December 6, 2013

Isotoner Gloves

December 5, 2013

Remember the ad with Dan Marino where he was all bundled up like it’s cold outside claiming that he buys his offensive linemen Isotoner gloves for Christmas even though he was playing in Miami?

Warm gloves   the gift that keeps on giving. If it’s not a gift from your quarterback or a gift from your grandma but a gift from thin air  out of nowhere it really seems to me to be more gift-like.  ground score. Anybody can find one random glove. But finding a matching pair that fits and doesn’t smell like shit        there’s the rub.  

I found a pair of  brown Isotoners (photo above) on the ground at One Union about 6 years ago and got millions of miles out of them. About 6 weeks ago I found a pair of black ones and they have come in real handy these last few days.

remember the Sonics Dance Team?    remember the Sonics?

remember this from 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 ?

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Jesus built my hotrod

December 4, 2013

In the absence of anything monumental      the petty details of everyday life become powerful and meaningful. It’s like organized religion. It’s like walking down the hall for a drink of water     hoping to make/avoid  eye contact with that one co-worker who likes to talk and you know it’ll be good for 17 minutes off/on the clock.  

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hers & his story

December 2, 2013

repurposed Pearl Izumi   taken out of context then put back in

seam rip photos

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Willie Parker

November 30, 2013

Left-handed Mormon quarterbacks, BYU, Steve Young, Forty-Niners, Utah, undrafted free agent running backs, Willie Parker, Steelers, Pittsburgh, N 30, today, 1974, thirty nine,  you never get a second chance to make a golden birthday, three nine.

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the next Next Big Thing

November 28, 2013

moving forward looking back   through 3.2 megapixels

not 32 (thirty-two)      3.2 (three point two)


if you've reached this recording during regular business hours   all of our associates are busy with other customers. Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line. Wait time is currently 107 minutes.

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playoffs? PLAYOFFS? don't talk about playoffs

November 27, 2013

let's talk about pickle juice

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that's why I don't fuck with the big four-0

November 25, 2013

to all y’all --one person especially in particular-- born in the calendar year of 1973, Happy 40th Birthday in this calendar year 2013.

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the sound of dry pavement

November 21, 2013

thank you Sally for the 2011 Raleigh Port Townsend

thank you Bike Works for the Santini gloves circa 1993

thank you Dick Cantwell for the Immortal IPA

thank you Salsa for the stiff upper lip

thank you 5-day forecast for the crisp clarity

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garage sale

November 20, 2013

linear progression read left to right

November 19, 2013

it's like this and like that and like this

November 16, 2013

refurbishing a sweet steel bike is like cooking in a cast iron skillet. it's a strong foundation upon which to build.  minced garlic in fresh butter with diced onion. it could go in many directions from there. possible permutations abound. it radiates quality solidity wholesome goodness and positive energy. proven technology. no fluffy trendy shit. and it's appetizing.  a little iron oxide is good for you once in while and so is bacon grease.

refurbishing an aluminum bike is like frying an egg in a nonstick skillet slathered in nonstick spray. it's uninspired perfunctory pedestrian beige blase chunky chubby hollow and tinny. it's a shallow audible exhale followed by a pause leaving you wanting something more or at least to inhale but when you finally do all you get is a mouth full of acrid smoke from the Pam overspray on the burner. 

aluminum is the most abundant element on earth and aluminum bikes are abundant and affordable and provide plenty of opportunities for  reliable transportation and accessable recreation however when my queue at work is filled with  knobby-tired grip-shifted front suspension aluminum steeds of indistinction   time seems to slow down and things get heavy.  6061  7005 ok ok 220 221 whatever it takes. Treks are a dime a dozen.  Cannondales make great cheater bars. Kleins are the Jaguars of aluminum bikes and Jaguars are over priced Ford Tempos.

refurbishing a carbon fiber bike is like overheating your lunchables tray in the microwave. random invisible hot spots and meltdowns. resins and epoxy and processed cheese foods oriented in a plastic matrix. lots of things that do not occur in nature. used carbon bikes should be sold as-is at-your-own-risk at rock bottom prices.  carbon fiber can do some amazing things. there is no other bike in the pro peloton. there is no other bike in your local cat 4 crit. but that doesn't mean I have to like it or trust it or ride it or refurbish it.

if it sounds like I'm biased or judgmental or an anachronistic grumpy old wool underpants guy, I am. I spend my work day saving the world    refurbishing old bikes.  It's kind of like being a bike mechanic except I don't have to wrastle with customer's unique and difficult bikes or bogus bike choices. I get to strip off all the worn out parts and annoying accessories, u-lock holders, cycle computers, seat mounted tri bottle holders, broken reflector brackets, bar ends and sheepskin saddle covers and then rebuild the bike the way I see fit with behind the scenes access to an unparalleled selection of used bike parts, fresh brake pads, new tires, chains, cables and housing. 


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blue plate special

November 12, 2013

my other bike is a sippy cup

November 7, 2013

A friend digging through archives in the 01420 looking for animals on bikes.  Connecting dots. Getting from there to here. Clearing cobwebs. How the mind works. Photographic memory.  Fuzzy bunny costumes. Choreographed BMX moves. Technical consultants.  Stunt Doubles. Bob Haro. Hose-clamped milk crates. Vermont BMX Halloween costumes. Red Hoodies. Reese’s pieces. Popular boy’s names. Elliott. ET. Phone home. Turn on your heart light. Ouch.

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f is for frog

November 3, 2013

same shirt    different kid   2.417 years later

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hose-clamped milkcrate douchebags expecting respect from bungee-corded pickle bucket Dexter Avenue warriors

October 31, 2013

it's all fun & games until you put a pricetag on it

October 30, 2013

in the New York Times this guy brought up some interesting points. He didn’t hit my nail on the head but he did hit close to home. Here’s to paying the rent treading water in a market economy all the while splashing and swimming and sunbathing happily in a gift economy. Here’s to living in that sweet spot in the big Venn diagram of life where the gift economy overlaps the market economy. Here’s to making it work.

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greetings from sleepy hollow

October 28, 2013

That’s not the ghost of a decapitated Hessian Soldier
and that’s not Ichabod Crane

That’s not Tyler Hamilton
and that’s not Tugboat

That  is a representation of a vacated 7-time Tour de France winner
and a cute little kid   to show scale

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this little piggy never went to market

October 26, 2013

87 photo

the answers are not on Pat McQuaid's laptop


what it is

what it was

what it could have been


Divine Cycling Group intervention


looking forward to the latest installment in this dramatic tale




Wooderson: hey man, you know anything about bikes?

DCG: no, not really

Wooderson:  it'd be a lot cooler if you did

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take a picture, it lasts longer

October 25, 2013

Take another look
Take it  or  leave it
Take it with you
Take a break
Take it easy
Take on me
Take a walk
Take it back
Take only photos leave only beer cans
Take it to the limit       one more time
Take all you want   but eat all you take
Take a penny  leave a penny
Take the money and run
Take the long way home
Take this job    and shove it
Take one for the team
Take it on the chin
Take it to the bank
Take it in the back door
Take it with a grain of salt
Take it to the bridge
Take the lead
Take the stairs
Take my coffee black
Take me to your leader
Take me home tonight

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omne trium perfectum

October 20, 2013


three times one  (3 x 1)
that’s the magic number

third generation photocopy
scanned   pixilated   archived

flipped cropped indexed
regurgitated reevaluated recalibrated

to the new normal



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trying too hard to look like not trying too hard

October 16, 2013

this is your brain
this is your brain on carbon fiber  
this is your brain in a carbon fiber wheel factory

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taken out of context and put back in

October 14, 2013

there is nothing new under the sun

October 13, 2013

14 years ago 24 years ago 4 years ago where did it all go

reminds of one time in 1999 on the weekend and the rest of the days

reminds me of a 64oz bottle of malt liquor in Tyler's left hand

Brian Rinckenberger, Brad Lewis, Justin Moe

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a tattoo from a previous marriage

October 12, 2013

photo via MW

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totally totally

October 9, 2013

wishing you and yours a joyous & wonderful 10-9 Day

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on the fence, on a bike, on a mission

October 8, 2013

Steve Young Has a Posse jersey, Jonny Sundt's Axleys, 1987 Shogun

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hand made

October 5, 2013

such a sweet sweet stem ---coolest cable hanger ever 

photos poached from  Duncan Cycles  

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October 4, 2013

if you know someone who knows someone looking for a high quality dependable ultimately urbanized utility bike...  ...Bike Works is the place**

Litespeeds and Landsharks occasionally pop up too

the selection of refurbished bikes is better than ever

please tell two friends to tell two friends 

**mention this ad and see what happens

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too many harvest moons w/ side ranch

October 2, 2013

wrap your carrot peeler around this odd couple.  they're actually organic whole foods that you'd never find at Whole Foods. 

smells like October around here

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September 30, 2013

you can go      your    own    way

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359 degrees of float

September 28, 2013

the smells
takes me back
where we started
not quite
hyperactive attention to detail disorder
review     relive      rewind    replay
loop de loop               Zeppelin II
B-210     auto reverse cassette











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one thousand points of contact

September 26, 2013

each color a distinct sound
each sound a distinct taste

snozberries taste like snozberries

virtual pivot point
chain suck          sucky
sucky long time
abundant aluminum
oversized tubing
cheater bar
cognitive consonance
unsightly rusty bottlecage bolts
ad hoc  slap dash  stop gap
haphazard untrimmed zip ties
w i l l y -n i l l y
are you fucking kidding me?
way too many accessories
platform pedals
squishy squishy
harmonic dissonance
disc brake squeal
Ned Beatty  
acid free
archival quality

but       what
if      the      solution
is worse than the problem

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actually cable actuated

September 22, 2013

completing the circle    sorta

just over three times the diameter

squaring circles   up the hill   on the way home


no bleeding bubbles from these brake lines

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no clicky clicky. no cliquey cliquey.

September 19, 2013

friction shifting big fat gradation control knobs on each thumb on a continuum moving this way or that if you want your coffee black or a bit more black or blacker still shifting is overrated  the easier it is the more you’ll do it the more you do it the more you depend on it get used to it expect it reach for it every day every minute every time you’re bored or lonely or hungry or horny like smart phones make you stupid and facebook makes you ask me about my learned helplessness     Sheldon Brown would say dig a little deeper and push the gear you’re in   just over that next hill   I say cheers Sheldon Brown    I say if you’re cold put on a fucking sweater    merino wool of course      if you’re hot take the sweater off    not everyone can ride around in climate controlled bullet proof pope mobiles   full-on seven cogs nestled up against a cassette spacer on a 8-9-10-11 speed freehub body frictioned out like notes on a trombone     more than enough to play a tune in town with a 50-34 up front to pull a kid in a trailer or loads of shit in a backpack daydreaming pushing Crocs up any old hill in the 98122  this here is a first day photo op for my newest pink Trippy Grips because they’ll never ever be this clean again unless they stay indoors like their blue cousin seen below      the carpet never matched the drapes but the kegerator matches the cargo bike            on your left


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it looks good from here...

September 19, 2013

Chris Horner's hairline

September 16, 2013

it's genetic

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didn't quit drinking, quit roadmastering

September 13, 2013

three years ago yesterday     i quit
roadmastering lunch on 2nd Ave benches 
sixpacking tall boys in the shadow of buildings built by Yamasaki 

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one inch threaded headset spacer ----------- reflector bracket --- cable hanger

September 10, 2013

two outta three aint bad
in this context
it’s Desirable
some say 67%
call it .666

horizontal stripes
remind me of a little ditty ‘bout locknut lip clearance

cherry picking     dot connecting

one place you’ll often find left-hand threads is the drive-side of your bottom bracket another is the tap handle on the kegerator.

in 1907 Columbia City and Ballard were incorporated into the City of Seattle. One of my coworkers at a little bike shop in Columbia City lives in Ballard and rides his bike to work. 106 years later. Who knew?

correlation yes. causation could be

everyday is bike to work day without the free Clif bars or water bottles or reflective snappy anklet things that keep your khaki pants out of the drive train

the worst bike ride is still better than the bus

thought you said you’d never forget

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church of the giant tomato

September 9, 2013

that is not a pumpkin

it's a "Church" tomato

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You Are Here

September 6, 2013

pendulum swings too far
wait for it

don’t call it a comeback
backseat driver   parallax error

hollow     echo
voices from the past

self correcting     self leveling
perpetually trendy motion machine

keep production costs low
identical interchangeable units

front  or  back     left  and or right
plug and play

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wearing white shoes way way after labor day

September 4, 2013

my hands are always dirty and cannot be trusted with white saddles, white bar tape, white grips or white tires.


white shoes are OK even after Labor Day as long as they're on other people


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take a bigger big big bite

August 28, 2013


with a handful of front brake    in the Right hand

right  right?




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I want an Oompa Loompa NOW

August 27, 2013

my polka dot plastic cup runneth over

bumper crop of cucumbers


zone defense won't cut it


man to man

man to man


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missionary position

August 25, 2013

I'd like to take a moment to draw your attention to my new Nitto Dove Bar. It makes me smile. Held up by a Ritchey Force stem, also made by Nitto, it's right at home on a 1987 Shogun. Now  I just need to drink another can of High Life so I can properly shim the 25.4 up to meet the 26.0

When I finally get my Steve Young Has a Posse jersey and wear it with a pair of black Dickies, I'll look like a missionary cruising for new recruits.

Alor would give me tons of shit for putting fenders on in August. A rear fender was OK in a downpour, but mounting a front fender was put off until the deepest darkest coldest wet day of winter and was a sign of admitting defeat. But I'm not a messenger, I'm a commuter. This bike got fenders today and I imagine they will stay on until they fall apart. It's not about the calendar. It's not about toughing things out.  It's about fender eyelets.

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metal fatigue

August 22, 2013

 to keep reaching in     into a repurposed cat litter bucket full of blownout grip shifts to keep pulling out    pulling     out that same six-speed shifter with the cracked barrel adjuster to keep putting it back on top of the pile and trying to dig a little deeper when returning to the well  oh well     only to come up with a handful of that same six-speed shifter with the cracked barrel adjuster only to try again tomorrow.

metal fatigue bent back & forth discoloration paint crackled heat build up but no dissipation just plenty of high hopes and expectation   sounds expensive like a Record derailleur sheared clean off  the hanger by a big fat bladed carbon aerospace industry influenced fiber spoke that still appears none the worse for wear but leave it in the sun for a few years then look back and talk about the good old days.  

google this       so they can save it on a server somewhere near Moses Lake a server on a server ranch that sucks so much juice straight from Grand Coulee just to stay cool so they can sell your search data back to you repackaged at a later date you have the right to remain silent anything you web-browse can and will be used against you.

in this litigious society the signs clearly point the way when you say you rode to work but the way you took your bike out of your friend’s car  on the corner and slapped the front wheel back on with the skewer all the way half ass kinda backwards with the brake cable hanging free in an Andy Friday’s sweat pants  rainy day way      say no way.

sentence structure paragraph transition complete thoughts thoughtful not too long creating extra friction actually as short as possible without binding avoiding kinks and unnecessary bends making smooth graceful arcs until it’s time to get straight to the pinch bolt point.

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bilateral symmetry both ways ambidextrously

August 19, 2013

hot cold
on off
up down
yes no
wet dry
yin yang  


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5 guys walk into a bar...

August 15, 2013

...the bartender says, "is this a joke?"

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gotta get on Becky Todd's wheel

August 14, 2013

Chris Murray photo

the next Casey's      is only 15 miles


it's like riding a bike

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clockwise as the crow flies

August 13, 2013

blue bubble gum bouncing baby boy

August 9, 2013

26 years ago they asked me “where will you be in 10 years?” and I made up something like this “I’ll be moving into the corner office wearing the newest three-piece suit in my huge wardrobe and handing out cigars that say ‘it’s a boy’” But 10 years later I was a bike messenger and just got into grad school.  I had no suits and I only wore cutoff shorts and Sidis with no socks. I never went to grad school. I never made it to the corner office except to get a stamp on the messenger slip and then I got back outside and back on my bike for ten more years. 

Now     here      today     I’m handing out cigars that say “it’s a boy”  because it is.


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10 feet high and rising

August 7, 2013

neo retro cilantro pesto - you don't even know

August 5, 2013

looking California
feeling sticky pawls

and about my
jockey pulley

don’t ask
won’t tell

right      better left
to the imagination

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the look & feel of fake as fuck

August 5, 2013

any given Thursday 16 years and a day

August 1, 2013


I was down on the ground   when the messenger brought me a letter   words below reprinted from August of 2010 because it's Thursday and it's sorta the same as it ever was on the weekends and the rest of the days while the photo above is reprinted from August of yesteryear because it's the day before the first Friday in August


21 and over in dog years
dog eared to mark the date
remember the day
in the context of calendars
ringing in the ear
drinking so much       
so much beer
the ears ring   
tinnitus is not an earring
it’s the high pitch
tone of a blank TV screen
left on for days
discovered later turned off
you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
Joni Mitchell got it
right      in the shin   
a glass coffee table corner
been there forever
never noticed
read about it in a book somewhere
coming back around again
more like
a urinary tract infection
less like
rage against the machine
110% half ass
it’s got a handle
grab on
dumb it down
smile and chit chat
talk to your co-workers
more about TV
that’s what we need
what the fuck
did we do before facebook?
priceless now
back in the day
couldn’t give it away

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gotta getta grip

July 29, 2013

it smells          kinda like
a T-shirt found in the sandbox at the park
silkscreened      into a one-of-a-kind

there are no wrong answers
it’s not a yes-or-no question
every answer inspires more            questions

but you might have to wash it
once    or

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do you speak the lingo?

July 27, 2013

Thursday is the new Black

July 24, 2013

bring me your old your tired your one inch removable face quill stem

July 24, 2013

if you're old enough to look at this site once in a while you're old enough to have a milk crate full of parts in your basement and you're also old enough to remember what a quill stem is or a compact disc or a land line or a VCR or what hard work gets you.

when I look at a bike   size it up    take it in    check it out       the stem is a point of interest    there's nothing worse than a clunky chunky cheap ugly alloy stem    except a threadless stem converter surrounded by a chunky cheap ugly alloy threadless stem on a beautiful Italian steel road bike 

I'm looking for a Salsa one inch quill removable face plate 25.4 clamp or shim-the-shit-out of a 26.0    for a special project projected in my mind.

i've got my finger on the pulse of the used bike part stream that trickles down through the Rainier Valley into Columbia City and Bike Works but these stems do not roll in like the rest because anyone who knows anything doesn't cough them up even if they haven't owned a threaded headset for 17 years these stems are so badass people just keep them in their basement to use as bottle openers or door pulls with fond memories and emotional attachments

More than once I've sent out the call and you et al have answered. More than once of those morethanonces it's been 37 Mike because he's such a badass and his "milkcrate" of parts could fill a shipping container but here it goes again and I'm not just talking to you 37. 


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'merica... ...Fuck Yeah!

July 22, 2013

 4130      you kidding me?

of course it’s 4130

how could 28 pounds of steel be wrong?

a wishbone within an A-frame within a conundrum

Made in the USA

that top tube is long   but it looks even longer

with the optical illusions in the rear triangle

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once upon a time...

July 20, 2013


…way way back in 2005, three guys (Dan, Chris and me) decided to try this thing called RAGBRAI. We kinda liked it and we told two friends and came back for more the next year. Then the next year we got a team bus. And things grew and grew. Now, today, literally as we speak, the pilderwasser collective is on their way to Council Bluffs, Iowa for the beginning of another RAGBRAI and they’re riding in the air conditioned luxury of a chartered party bus wearing black pilderwasser livewrong bracelets while the trusty old pilderwasser bus is packed with 30 bikes, tons of luggage, tents, folding chairs and beer. Chris is on his 9th consecutive ride. Dan and I  have missed a few, but we’ll be back later. Cheers.

look at these chuffers in 2005






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the cost of doing business

July 18, 2013

The Bianchi is back in business blowing bubbles in the 98122. Please take a moment to locate the derailleur nearest you, keep in mind it may behind you. This bike once again has a derailleur up front and one in the rear as well. It has fucking gears again and full-on friction shifters at the tip of my thumbs also known as thumb shifters. Six speed frictioned out allover a seven speed cassette. What could possibly go wrong? It’s like playing the viola, you gotta feel it, listen for it and find your gear. It’s in there somewhere.  Ask me about the learned helplessness of STI shifters and the sound of 10,000 unnecessary shifts on a false flat rise in the road.

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Bike Works goes cordless with Dr 37 Mike

July 17, 2013


Thanks to 37 Mike for donating a brand new drill to Bike Works.

It arrived today and it's sure to get a lot of use around the shop

Thank You 37





and thanks to SugarBear too who was ready to donate a very similar DeWalt drill if 37 hadn't beat him to it

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RB-1 under new ownership

July 16, 2013

Sold the RB-1 today via PayPal unsolicited sort of sight unseen. I haven’t seen the bike for two years but its new owner Matt rode it across Iowa last RAGBRAI and came back for more. I wasn’t really trying to sell it but I’m also not expecting to ride RAGBRAI again for a few years, if you know what I mean. The RB-1 has already completed 5 RAGBRAIs and hopefully will do many more with its new owner.

2007   yes
2008   hell yes
2009   darn right
2010    furlough year    no ride at all
2011     don’t call it a comeback     one more year
2012    one more RAGBRAI with a pinch rider
2013    yes   under new ownership  

The bike I rode in 2006 ( an IRO Rob Roy ) arrived back in Seattle after RAGBRAI shipped via DHL in a shredded cardboard box that Willy at WA Legal signed for only after making sure the driver made a note of how completely trashed it was. It had a crushed rear wheel and tweaked cantilever bosses and was slashed here and there with a box cutter. It took months to squeeze some money out of them for a new wheel.  

In 2007 I bought the trusty RB-1 from 19 Todd (you might know him as 20 Todd but I knew him back in 1997 when he was 19 before he quit Elliott Bay and came back and those assholes wouldn’t give him his old number back and made him take one digit higher) I shipped it to Iowa and rode it for RAGBRAI and then left it in Jimbo’s basement. One year later I scraped the mold off the bartape, pumped up the tires and rode it across Iowa again. Literally doing nothing to the bike but adding some air to the tires. During its entire tenure with me all I ever did was blowout a few inner tubes, replace the tires once and dust it off a little. The photo above is from June 2007 and I bet the bike still has the same bar tape, brake pads and everything except the tires.  When Jimbo started storing the bike in his attic instead of his basement, the mold didn‘t take hold during those 51 weeks of down time each year. Leaving the bike in Iowa for 4+ RAGBRAIs saved me at least $1000 in shipping and or airfare from Seattle and avoided much of the damage that occurs in transit with trained monkeys in UPS DHL or FedEx uniforms slamming boxes around.  Today I recouped my original investment. Thank you 19 Todd. Thank you Jimbo. Thank you Matt. Thank you RB-1.

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insert bike industry job (HERE)

July 14, 2013

I've been riding a bike for 40 years. During that time I've visited a variety of solar systems within the cycling universe. Including more than a decade on a bike messenger planet.  A shorter visit to the aerospace industry influenced carbon fiber wheel world. A 22-day action packed trip to UBI in Ashland.  Six intergalactic annual great bike rides across Iowa. As well as a few brief working jaunts to outlier bike shop planets. The common thread linking them all is a love of bikes and being in, on and around their simple beauty and self-contained efficiency. 

I look forward to working at (your bike industry job) because it's on a planet in a solar system revolving around a sun whose shine makes me happy and allows me to utilize my unique skills and experience in anthropology, poetry, carpentry, utility cycling, outdoor recreation, lean manufacturing, bike mechanics and art.

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that's not my kid, but I know whose it is

July 12, 2013

I know a little something about glow-in-the-dark onesies 

and just enough about cloth diapers, to be dangerous. 


thanks to C. Morgantini for the photo via facebook second-hand

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karma shimmed-out with a diet coke can

July 10, 2013

The last thing I want to do is fix a fucking flat tire after working on janky bikes for other people all day long then straddling my own bike for the ride home only to discover the front tire is flat.  So I pumped it up and rode home slowly but not as slow as the slow leak.

Did I ever tell you about the time I pumped up a slow leak through a 40 hour bike messenger work week? I probably did.  Sometimes leaks fix themselves. Sometimes if you ignore problems they really do go away.

Alistair sent me the link to this Ichi bike video that I enjoyed for several reasons. If I could write embed code for primitive web sites like the one you’re looking at, it would be embedded here for your one-click pleasure play but it’s still just a click away. Thanks Alistair.


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nothing but a rounded-off 5mm from ikea

July 9, 2013

Shaggy photo

there's of steady stream of people 

younger  faster   and   better looking 

ready to take your place

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moving to Portland

July 5, 2013

in Portland the spray paint is environmentally friendly

it's downhill both ways

the tofu tastes like chicken

and  it was all delivered via bicycle

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a wrinkle in time

July 3, 2013

it was July 3rd, the day before the 4th of July

so many reasons on so many levels

what he said  when he said  what he said

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July 1, 2013

the rich are gettin' richer and the poor are gettin' drunk
in a black and white picture there's a lot of gray bunk

                              --The Replacements   “asking me lies”

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same beer, different year

June 30, 2013

 down at DANK bags one day in 2008

down at DANK bags June 25, 2013

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a new addition to the family

June 29, 2013

There is more steel in this photo than all of Western Pennsylvania in the 50’s. Enough steel to tweak magnetic North just a bit further away from true North.  And that’s alright with me.

The SHOGUN came home yesterday, which triggered a seismic wave of bike part shuffling, component configuring and multiple mental possible permutations. I would like to think that I am only the second owner and the first one rode it gently because over the past 25 years it saw more garage time than road time.

As of 11:21am it appears this “new” bike will soon bump the lilac Bianchi back into road bike land because we don’t need another hero pushing a 42 x 16 slowly down the road.  

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one of these days, and it won't be long

June 26, 2013

SHOGUN Alpine GT     ca 1987

a great foundation to build upon  or maybe just someplace to put all the parts piling up in the basement

visualize another single-speed commuter oozing urbanized utility in primer grey with fatter than fat tires, full fenders and Onza canti brakes


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not Not In My Back Yard (nNIMBY)

June 24, 2013

somebody is having more fun than you are

June 22, 2013

it's summer

why are you looking at 4 year old photos of pizza and beer?

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Re: iterations of J Moe

June 22, 2013

before In the Beginning...  before BELLA  he was just J Moe

and this was his bike. But now it looks like this because it belongs to a guy that works at Bike Works which is a steady stream or at least a trickling tributary to the estuary of brackish backwater bike industry history where...   ...where else would one come upon that headset that saddle the bottle cage those wheels those brakes those cranks that stem those grips and hodge-podge it all together on that J Moe frame??? 

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NAILED IT (the screw gun died)

June 21, 2013

Bike Works needs a cordless drill. they‘re a little non-profit full-service community bike shop in Seattle that does amazing things with used bikes.

Over the past year I’ve refurbished hundreds of used bikes getting them back on the road at affordable prices through the shop and I’ve also scraped and scrapped together some Little-Rascal-style bike storage racks, gates, tire displays, signs, walk-in closet-like floor-to-ceiling used wheel displays and several work benches and tool boards  with a hammer and a pisspoor electric drill held back by many many extension cords.

The other day a Bike Works mechanic reamed out a presta hole by hand for several minutes to achieve Schraderness, which is totally unacceptable in a busy summer bike shop.

So if you’re a tool user walking semi upright with or without opposable thumbs or a prehensile tail think about donating your old functional cordless drill to the shop. Or if you’re just a person with plenty of disposable income, buy a new cordless drill for Bike Works and write it off on your taxes.

Thank you

For real

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so six years ago

June 20, 2013

BBQ Sunday afternoon     my yard

see how much has changed in six years

in Matt Case's hair and the local economy

Bring Your Own Brats & a six-pack

we'll supply the baked beans     until 7pm

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live simply so others may keep it out of my face

June 17, 2013

every photo is an homage a reference a ripoff of what was

nothing new under the sun, there is

there is nothing I could say that I haven't thought before

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juiced up beyond belief (reenactment)

June 16, 2013

Ten years later we’ve recreated the dramatic and memorable scene from the 2003 Tour de France when Lance got snagged. In this reenactment we eliminated background noise and unimportant supporting actors, narrowing the focus to two essential characters:

1) Lance Armstrong on the bike

2) Cute Little Girl on the side of the road, clutching her souvenir Credit Lyonnais musette bag with all her might. She never lets go of the bag.







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search continues, key words change

June 13, 2013

photo by Sally

We ride bikes because it makes sense.

We ride cargo bikes because it makes more sense.

We buy beer by the kegful because it closes the circle.

We say we when we mean me.

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poster show shows posters

June 13, 2013



Saturday June 29 





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drilling for schrader

June 10, 2013

traffic's a real bear

June 8, 2013

the squeaky wheel gets the worm

June 7, 2013

the Schwinn Sting-Ray turned 50 this week. read more

I thought I was an early adopter, but I didn't hop on the bandwagon until '76

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it's like looking for your photo in the yearbook at school where you've shown up every day for 12 years but nobody knows who you are

June 5, 2013

You can peruse the draft Master Plan and give feedback well into July. Check it out. Even if you don’t give a shit. It’s interesting to see how much time and money and boring meetings have gone into this thing. Even if you just brush against it like a blackberry bush on your right elbow on the way to work in the same spot every fucking morning, it’s nice to know you can put your two cents in.  

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more pump cheese please

June 5, 2013

not obedient just independent    alone
self-contained entertained unrestrained
stacking rocks, riding bikes, building forts, lighting fires
kicking pine cones, licking ice-cream cones
slurping Slurpees until the brain freeze
pinball, bubblegum, penny candy, pump cheese
the babysitter smells weird   smoking cigarettes
watching soap operas Monday through Friday
her macaroni tastes funny
her tuna sandwiches aren’t as good as mom’s
potato salad, dill pickles, baked beans, hot dogs
the dog is so hot he’s not moving,   panting
ice cubes melting in his water bowl
garden hose spewing plasticky bathwater warm
the lawn yellowing   drying     dying
crunching prickly on tenderfeet
they’ll toughen up by Labor day      then it’s
back to shoes and socks and school



reprinted & regurgitated from 10-18-08

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with this key comes great responsibility

June 4, 2013

better left to the imagination
right on          unburdened by
expectations set way too high
transitioning seamlessly    between
fantasy and credit card debt

Wal-Mart is killing downtown


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we don't change our calendar pages anymore

June 2, 2013

 “the knack”
as in NACCC
North American Cycle Courier Championship
it’s kind of a big deal
it’s in Seattle
in July

only one calendar page away  SEA NACCC

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miles per gallon before I sleep

June 1, 2013

start breaking down

May 29, 2013

Figure 1.  shit happens

Figure 2.  shit keeps happening (reverse angle)


This is a compost bin and here’s the recipe:

1  roll of chicken wire
1  bunch of zip ties
1  700c rim & tire
2  27 inch wheels

On a quiet afternoon put it all together.
Add beer to taste.
Stir gently, under medium heat.
Repeat as needed.
Trim unsightly zip ties.  
Finally, cut an access panel however you see fit.

Note:  In the center of the chicken wire cylinder, to add support, I used a tweaked 700c rim with a trashed Tom Slick mounted for a little something extra    i.e.  8mm and some messenger history circa ‘08 Seattle Legal. On the two ends I used 27 inch wheels not only because they’re discarded here and there and everywhere around my work place, but as a personal backyard olde school finger to the bike industry as they are bigger than 29ers, bigger than 700c, and bigger than fucking 27.5 wheels. Ask me about calculating the volume of a cylinder, bead seat diameters, rolling resistance, aerating stinking rotting kitchen scraps and the resourceful use of readily available resources.

Please try this at home and tell them you saw it here.  

Or send me $989.00 and I’ll make one for you.

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Have you heard the one about riding RAGBRAI and not taking a shit the entire time??

May 29, 2013

touchy feely entropy

May 27, 2013



steady state
comfort zone

habit trail
traffic pattern

clearly visible
carpet  wall-to-wall

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there goes the neighborhood

May 24, 2013





      there's a new bike shop opening soon

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today was gonna be the day

May 22, 2013

CETMA cargo photo

I truly believe
there’s a time and a place for NuVinci hubs

perhaps you were thinking of waiting for the time
when you would finally get to that place ± five pounds of infinitely variable cable actuated planetary spontaneity attached to a steel powder coated vehicle of unmatched utility

now is the time
this is the place

the CETMA super stretch Margo

fuckin A+           

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two tool faces

May 22, 2013

ye olde 87 photo ca 2011

Historically accurate
Tender juicy 6mm on the inside
Crispy golden brown 10mm on the outside


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horizontal stripes

May 20, 2013

with some help from Johnnie Walker red

May 19, 2013

can-you-pick-me-up-after-work? Day

May 17, 2013

the real deal



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top tube pads & toaster ovens

May 15, 2013

I don’t live in that apartment anymore. The cat died a few years ago.  I sold the Bridgestone to Brian and he destroyed it. But I still have the toaster oven, the top tube pad and the grey 600 dual-pivot calipers.

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she's married now or engaged or something... ...so I'm told

May 15, 2013

it was cool 

until it wasn't 


he asked if he could crash on the couch

eleven and a half months later                  he's still here


now       we have an unspoken agreement

we don't speak


the disparity makes me queasy between

what you say                     what you mean



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82% post-consumer waste, 5% horseshit and the remainder is all-in-your-mind

May 14, 2013

just another regurgitated messenger photo

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I sing the freehub body electric

May 12, 2013

       a 40 year old rookie   walks into a bar

the bartender says, "why the long shadow?"

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sunday sunday sunday

May 11, 2013

Bike Works   Frame Sale 

Sunday May 19      11am - 5pm

50% off cheap = really cheap

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if there's a way to fuck it up, we'll find it

May 8, 2013

the ultimate set of tools           guerrilla like     

beer soaked basement bloody knuckle bike mechanics

gorilla tight    round off    cross thread    strip-o-rama

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she's only seventeen

May 7, 2013

today is Skunk's 17th birthday

where were you in 1996?

I was riding urbanized mountain bikes and then I got my first real full retail road bike often wearing an empty messenger bag and Diadora spd shoes on Onza clipless pedals for the 8-block ride to spend countless hours sitting on a barstool at a brew pub just-opened on the fringes of Capitol Hill that served up imperial pints at a reasonable price featuring a limited food menu and very few customers with a free pool table and a dart board in the corner. Greg chicken-tractor Vogel was a barback.

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as if red-keg-cups is the new black

May 5, 2013

don't call it a comeback   they been here for years

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May 4, 2013

blocking out the background noise

with tunnel vision and laser focus

of one million parabolic mirrors



this photo from Shaggy asks "what's wrong with this picture?"

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perfunctory phlebotomy periphery pee-pee

May 3, 2013

robot-like consistency    day in   day out




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May 1, 2013

the kid  stage left  is fake
but now is a good time to ask
What if he wasn’t?

rode to work today with the fake kid strapped into the cargo bike      because I can and got a lot of comments looks double takes

don’t need bike-to-work month printed on the calendar to dust things off and ride to work and don’t need any spandex carbon fibers oriented in a racing roadie matrix either


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trust, but verify

April 29, 2013

Ronald Reagan and his wife Jane Wyman with matching Schwinn Continentals featuring ground-munching-630bsd  27 inch wheels, larger than 29ers, larger than 27.5ers, larger than 700c       lifted from the 1946 Schwinn catalog at schwinncruisers.com

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what he said

April 27, 2013

la bala de plata me molesta

April 25, 2013

Q factor crank length pedal spindle plumb bob
formulaic  you-are-here  mosaic
please press hard    you are
making three copies




insert the same variables          expect different results


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brand recognition

April 20, 2013

Hey Matt Case, per your request, here is the pilderwasser logo. You can also find it on the sleeve of your T-shirt.  If you need a pdf or some kind of vector jpeg shit,  it might take an additional 7 to 10 working days.

PS   the pedalers fair is this weekend in Seattle and I know you're in Portland but I'm no longer just talking to you. I'm talking to you plural, if you're in the area code, check it out. 

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participant observation retrospectively

April 19, 2013

help-wanted help, wanted

April 17, 2013

I’m looking for a job that meets the following criterions
or if you prefer Greek, the following criteria:

1. It doesn’t suck
2. It pays a living wage
3. I can ride my bike there, and back again

seriously   for real    really
that’s it

if you know someone that knows someone
I’m looking for a job

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unsightly rusty bottle cage bolts

April 17, 2013

RedKev photo

don’t go back to rockville
waste another year
working in a bike shop
to quiet the monkey mind
the old is now new
the retro    neo
now a factory in china
pumps out cheap neo-retro knockoffs
nowhere near the original
a trend     a circle     a cycle
a bicycle          rolls
as smooth as frozen glass
as smooth as tim mason
coming back around again
call it what you will
shimano wants you to call it 27.5
i call it       horseshit

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24 grams of stupidity

April 15, 2013

whatever it takes

April 13, 2013


ask me about my

A.    head tube angle

B.     bead seat diameter

C.     learned helplessness

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Location Location Lofuckyourself

April 11, 2013

the more you speak
the more it sounds
like you don’t know
what you’re talking about

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April 10, 2013

hold the button down

speak clearly

let go of the button







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April 7, 2013

something old something new  

some things pilder some things blu

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infinitely variable planetary horseshit

April 5, 2013

I appreciate the 360% gear range the overdrive & the underdrive with 117mm & 114mm of exposed cable respectively no really I respect your choices tilting the entire earth's axis the self contained Nuvinci rotating mass and the physics of if all but don't ask me to fix your flat tire

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connecting the dots

April 4, 2013

monday-morning-quarterbacking on a Thursday seven years later

copy that Chris Murray     here's another look at 2006

through the lens of 2013 clearance sales on all LiveStrong team kits


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spring classic

April 3, 2013

now is the time
the time is now

the smell of fresh blossoms    lingers
the sun stays out    to play      longer

$1,995.00   such a small price to pay
for the ultimate indoor cycling experience

soon morphing into an adjustable laundry rack nordic track
white elephant folly dead weight scrap metal craigslist crap 

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the way to get around when the shit goes down

March 30, 2013

Milwaukee photo from Shaggy


bikes bicycles bike bicycle    go by bike
bikes are the best way to get around
when the shit goes down

some people have a lot on their mind
it helps to get the word out
get the words down and out   on paper

or whatever you have sitting around
like a chunk of vinyl siding with a big white teddy bear
zip tie an American flag to a bamboo pole

and it’s on          this time     it’s for real
give me a sharpie long enough
and I will move the world

or at least put a new spin on it
re-branding     marketing the same old shit
in a cycling-specific way and raise the price 300%

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understated urbanized utility

March 27, 2013

Milkshake pdx Double Darn photo

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step back and take it all in

March 25, 2013

Vista Time Trial

this Saturday March 30  you two and you too        

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a tandem, a mixte, 3 cases of beer, a few bottles of wine, chocolate chip muffins, red vines, granola bars, a button maker, lots of individually wrapped single serving sized fruit snacks and a couple of mannequins

March 24, 2013

let's drive to Reno

we only need to stop for gas      and corn nuts

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springing backie back

March 22, 2013

when your first stop in the morning

was your last stop         last night 

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bringing sexy back

March 21, 2013

Justin --not that one, this one -- is bringing barends back on his 29er. I’ve never thought of bar ends as sexy but they can be functional in the right context. You may remember 87 as a hair farming ABC messenger on a company mountain bike sporting giant anodized bar ends with matching brake lever extenders rolling nose wheelies half-a-block long feathering the front brake between a car and a bus cackling his characteristic cackle with an ear-to-ear grin. When you can handle a bike like that bar ends are OK.

If you're in need of new bar ends, I know a guy who knows a guy. 

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two speed kickback

March 19, 2013

two times around the sun             today

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cable actuated hydraulic salty dog plumb bobs

March 18, 2013

four guys on really nice Raleighs rolled up looking for Matt Case   each one wearing a DANK bag bearing birthday wishes for a soon to be two year old

year-old burger patties Costco dogs and a few beers later

they rolled away on four really nice Raleighs

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any given Sunday

March 16, 2013

Professor Ron Kurtz and his family on a real bike ride. No spandex no carbon fiber no 31.8 clamp diameters. Photo poached from the iconic 1966 Grinnell College yearbook it was also on the cover of kickstand in 1998. You don't have to wait until Sunday morning for an easy like bike ride. When I say "you"   I don't mean you but more of an amalgamation of various people from the past as the what-it-is is unavoidably seen through the what-it-was goggles. 


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two extremes too extreme

March 13, 2013

please take a moment to locate the disparity     between

talking the talk


walking the walk



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my bad...no it's my bed...my bad

March 12, 2013

the RAGBRAI route returns to Harlan for an overnight visit this year,  which reminds me of the night before this photo was taken --- five RAGBRAI's ago--- when I nonchalantly rolled up this sign as a souvenir and the bar owner got pissed,  but not as pissed as Chad was when he crawled into the wrong tent during the storm warning.

If you've never ridden RAGBRAI before, I recommend it. If you have ridden it, I highly recommend it again.

Either way, riding it with the pilderwasser collective is the way to go.

Contact Captain Chris or Captain Jimbo.


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some settling may occur during shipment

March 10, 2013

15 items or less plus or minus the 52 items in the bag checked out in the express lane at Safeway while most of Seattle slept Sunday morning away a bruised banana is a small price to pay for a bike ride to the moon

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"please follow along, as I read aloud"

March 7, 2013

OK class please open your 2013 Cyclone catalogs to page one and follow along as I read aloud

until we get to a photo that looks like this  

it may take a while but keep in mind, there's a quiz on Friday that'll be worth 10% of your after-marktet bike parts final project grade


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things take time

March 6, 2013

we do it that way because that's the way it's always been done

March 2, 2013

aesthetically this bird flies best on the downtube                               but

on the seat tube it functionally floats along the coffee-beer continuum  

tall americano tallboy tallboy tallboy tallboy tall drip refill tallboy 

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March 2, 2013

Pete and Repeat sitting in a trailer

Pete fell asleep

who's left? 

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the real east marginal way

February 28, 2013

a brief jaunt off the day-to-day habbitrails with a so called lunch break in another zip code skirting the comfort zone to dip my toes in the runoff of Boeing Field with wet socks to prove it's not just a fake bike on a post with photoshopped street signs saying been-there-done-that but a triangulated three way intersection nod to Mr Richard Hugo




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black & white and stuck allover

February 27, 2013

stuck in my head (this must be the place)

February 26, 2013

Rusty photo

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opportunity knocks quietly

February 23, 2013

just like TK said, when you're a kid and you get a new bike the first thing you do  is rip off the reflectors 

but when you're an old man pushing a kid around you slap DOT reflective tape allover and scout out matching red and white spoke reflectors

one year later I'm finally ready to hack a couple inches off the country-mile long steer tube on my CETMA cargo bike but only after trying 17 factorial permutations of stem & bar combinations

bring on the hack saw 

ask me about star fangled beer nuts set at 15mm

then ask me about quill stems and locknut lip clearance

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I'm not your Bucky, but I know who is.

February 20, 2013

photo courtesy of morgantcase

I wanted to move to Portland and open a bike shop that serves beer but was never open to the public   Then I wanted to move to Portland and build custom bike frames one at a time or hang out in coffee shops and write fiction and freelance technical articles or professionally photograph bike polo matches and bar mitzvahs but about one billion somebodyelses beat me to those vocations too.

Anyway that’s Matt Case if you didn’t recognize him. Wearing a  pilderwasser  T-shirt goldsprinting in PDX at a this Velo Cult place that looks like it’s really really cool and right up my alley. Pouring beer and wrenching bikes and open to the public.

It was Case's birthday a couple weeks ago. If you forgot, now is your chance to wish him a happy birthday. 

Happy Birthday Matt. 

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an old Tully's cup full of piss

February 20, 2013

I've been working on a book for the past 16 years or so, it's a blend of narrative non-fiction, historical fiction, poetry, Venn diagrams and total horseshit. 

This is the working title: 

Exactly how many variables need to fall into place for me to get a lunch break on the hill then 29 minutes later get dispatched a RUSH from Mills Meyers to a courtroom at King County rolling down Pike under the Convention Center out onto Union passing a stand of taxis when the third driver in line launches an old Tully's cup full of piss out his window and it splashes on the street right in front of me just misting my front wheel?


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bicycle >>> iron oxide >>> art

February 19, 2013

 iron oxide is a nice way to say  rust



and you may find yourself somewhere on this little iron oxide flow chart  (poached from Wikipedia) and you may ask yourself

well   how did I get here?

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two opposing chain whips

February 16, 2013

two opposing chain whips

one in each hand



coming at you


uniglide freehub bodies

scattered everywhere

it seemed like a good idea

at the time


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portrait of the artist as a tubular tire

February 14, 2013

real or perceived

February 12, 2013

perception is reality

for real really

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this is a public service announcement

February 8, 2013

If you stumbled upon this site or you look at it once in a while there’s a good chance that you ride a bike. Which means there’s a very strong possibility that you own more than one bike and you have a few just sitting around taking up space and collecting dust. Those are the bikes that could be utilized by someone else.

Bike Works always needs bike donations and this time of this year they really need kids bikes. So drop them off at Bike Works (3709 S Ferdinand Street) or in a Bike Recycling Container at a transfer station near you.

Thank YOU


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freudian slip knot

February 7, 2013


years and beers and years later some photos still get to me

feeling sporadic pangs of phantom nostalgia syndrome flipping through old pictures that could be called a-body-of-work loosely woven together by a thread of bikes but more tightly bound by the adhesion of carbonated water molecules bouncing around in the frothy river of beer running through it

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old crow

February 5, 2013

"Urban Perch" by Xueling Zou



This morning I saw a crow in the street eating what upon closer inspection appeared to be a full order of chicken pad thai (three stars) that hadn't even shown up on the electronic bank statement as a Visa debit card purchase at Noodle Studio before the consumer chundered out the passenger side window of a coworker's car at 10:30 last night on the way home from one too many shots of whiskey after work went late but now she is sleeping it off as the crows get every last masticated noodle and chundered chicken chunk.

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who's this guy?

February 4, 2013



like Sneil said, you have to type the name in exactly right because google doesn’t have suggestions for you yet that are close to what you’re looking for when you’re looking for Hinderyckx Bikes. But Zak doesn’t need to hire an intern to do some SEO he just needs to sell a few more custom made bikes. And in the mean time a few hundred clicks on his site will help google get a grip on it so we can get lazy with spelling again.

Names that end in ckx tend to be badass   

Zak Hinderyckx  is  Hinderyckx Bikes  

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one time only SALE SALE SALE

February 3, 2013

one-of-a-kind pilderwasser hoodie $35

this hoodie is flex fleece American Apparel "slate" as seen in the photo and unisex size XS

It has been silkscreened in a tasteful and understated way with pilderwasser designs as it was mistakenly ordered in the wrong color and wrong size and sent to a repeat and loyal customer in Milwaukee that upon receipt politely returned it and asked for a replacement in the correct size and color.

Now it is available to you at this rockbottom price which is $13 below retail.

Please note XS fits someone chest size 30-32" waist size 28-30"

If you want it email me pilderwasser@msn.com and I will hand deliver it or mail it to you USPS.

We Use American Apparel - Click to learn moreWe Use American Apparel - Click to learn more We Use American Apparel - Click to learn more
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turnbuckle counterclockwise

February 1, 2013

Prairie Breaker PRO

January 31, 2013

aqua blue pink  SHOGUN

I got my hands on this tricolor triple triangle timewarp yesterday. A classic example of steel bike resuscitation that brings a smile to my face. Visualizing the original owner purchasing this beauty for $600 in 1988. Stretched out wheel base head tube fork rake biopace U-brake laid back laid out late 80's. Fast forward to February 2013 to see the Bike Works customer that purchases it refurbished for $226.

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reinventing the milk crate

January 30, 2013

they’re there and there with their






are you kidding me?

why go to Pottery Barn and buy fake designer milk crates for $49 that won’t hold up as well as the real thing, available in various alleys and parking lots for free

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someday a real rain will come and wash the schmutz off my pants

January 28, 2013

taking a shower with my pants on

like doing laundry every day before during and after work

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January 26, 2013

this is my favorite episode, even though I do have a fondness for those quiet country roads in Iowa seen in an earlier edition. I look forward to another installment from the official UCI World Championships of Cyclocross Champions of the World next weekend in Louisville which is actually here in the continental United States which like Sally said is like having the Prologue for the Tour de France take place in Chicago.

It's kind of a big deal

Anyway anyhow... if you think sliding through a minivan for a shot of tequila is cool check this out


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Control Stix

January 25, 2013

I never thought I'd use Control Stix in the same sentence as 56T chainring

Then I used them in the same word.

Literally. Seriously. Functionally. Artistically.



This sign is 96" x 30" and it's on the wall in the Warehouse. Which may remind you that the Bike Works Warehouse Sale is this Sunday 12 - 4pm.






B   flat bar and two 16" tires

i 175mm crank, headset cup and threadless top cap

k frame pumps

e bar ends

W mondo cruiser bar and bar ends slammed into aero position

o 56 T big ring

r adjustable quill stem

k flat bar and threadless stems

s Control Stix (NOS NIB)

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do the math

January 21, 2013

transition cup o noodle transformation performance evaluation 366-day-later perspective proclamation pulverized aerosolized aerospace industry adhesives inhaled on invisible clouds of acetone one calendar year difference breathe deep bad mad fiber dream team kit commuter heart rate monitor GPS locator tip calculator move the decimal one place multply by two one year later today garbage in garbage out every other Thursday free parking on your right the doors always open over the shoulder retrospect holder

5lb bags of sugar weigh 4 pounds

1lb bags of coffee weigh 12 ounces

it's been that weigh for a while

no need to get used to it subtle subconscious adjustments tire size calibration correction compensation condensation carbonation correlation causation conclusion


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dig deeper

January 19, 2013



this site has now been up for 401 weeks

that's a lot of days     (two thousand eight hundred and seven)

a lot of worn out brake pads

a lot of cracked frames

a lot of battle scars

a lot of fish tales

a lot of elevation gained and lost and lost again

a lot of punctured tubes

a lot of short americanos

a lot of sixpack rings

and a lot of boxes of red wine


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freedom's just another word for 2302

January 18, 2013

money talks

January 16, 2013

give me a steer tube long enough...

January 14, 2013

look me in the fender eyelet and then we can talk about fork rake, cable hangers, headset spacers and locknut lip clearance. after that we can discuss the bosses,  cantilever and crack jokes carbon fiber  

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when Italian bikes were made in Italy

January 13, 2013

lavendar tricycle Pony made in Italy

metallic lilac bicycle Bianchi made in Italy

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hear and know

January 11, 2013

Warehouse Sale

January 10, 2013

Bike Works Annual Warehouse Sale
Sunday, January 27th
12pm - 4pm at the Bike Works Warehouse

Come shop a huge discounted selection of "as is" bikes, frames, used parts, used accessories, and select new parts and accessories.

Also for sale will be:
- Quality refurbished used (ready to ride) bikes. Lots of them.
- A full range of new parts and accessories.
- Bike racks for vehicles.
- Trail-a-bikes.
- Bike trailers.
- Unicycles.
- Trainers and rollers.


it's before the bike swap

it's better than the bike swap

it's cheaper than the bike swap

and it's Bike Works, if you have a friend of a friend looking for a very affordable solid ready-to-ride bike this is the place. Or if you have a friend who is sort of a backyard basement beer bike mechanic looking for a new project bike, this is the place.



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just up the road from uncanny valley

January 6, 2013

if you are not happy with the results, repeat

January 5, 2013

pledge at the $350,000 level

receive a tote bag

purchase 12 pumpkin eggnog lattes

receive the 13th free

walk a mile in someone else's shoes

receive a blister

take two placebos and

call me phamaceutical industry lobbyist

in the morning

if you are not happy with the results repeat

expect something different

figure out that

you're never going to figure it out

all that misdirected energy

barking up the wrong tree

do do doing it wrong

it's kinda catchy

as in contageous

post nasal drip drip drippy

residual residue


snot sleeve slug trail

whatevers handy

100% fine merino wool

dry clean only


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today was my Wednesday

January 2, 2013