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i'm not angry, i'm disappointed

December 14, 2018

Once upon a time in a small nonprofit bike shop warehouse I refurbished 1,987 used bikes and stripped or recycled or hacksawed into cheater bars many thousands more.  When I replaced the cables and housing on a bike I also replaced the straddle cables. When the inventory of straddle cables ran out I would use a brake cable. Just like I do on my own bikes. However I soon stopped cutting this corner on the job when the shop mechanics told me of customer complaints claiming they couldn’t get their wheels off because they couldn’t release their brakes because they couldn’t get a grip on the straddle cable because it was actually just a brake cable and had no place to grab on.


The other day after a day of riding in the rain I met my old lady for a couple beers and then she offered me a ride home. I said hell yes I’ll take a ride up the hill. I walked my bike over to the car and started to take off the front wheel so I could fit the thing in the hatchback over the kid seats but I couldn’t release the front brake. I couldn’t get the fucking straddle cable out. All I could hear was Steve Maluk’s voice saying “don’t do that” with Homer and Kellen in the background frowning and shaking their heads.  


I ended up riding my bike home.


I plan to continue to use an old brake cable to straddle my cantilever brakes when I replace the cables on my own bikes. I recently replaced my brake pads on my daily commuter and the bakes are so tight right now even with the finest straddle cable in the world there’s not enough slack to release the calipers. But in a couple weeks there will be.


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"i'm nervous and my socks are too loose"

December 13, 2018

the paint splat has been there for a while the words were added recently

it's the little things


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the ubiquitous red keg cup

December 12, 2018

these two were in my living room the other day holding green keg cups and I didn't take a photo to re-enact the moment-of-yesteryear so I could compare and contrast and win on instagram. what i did do is keep my phone in my pocket and actually talk to people so you now have to visualize these two plus or minus 10 years holding green keg cups.

same as it ever was. 

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you kiddin me?

December 12, 2018

white noise

December 11, 2018

they're just background noise to the untrained eye. 

but once you see them you cannot unsee them.

they're everywhere. 


this kid has an eye for them.

he found this one on the Cedar River Trail

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can you feel it?

December 7, 2018

Alexa, what happened to Seattle?

December 7, 2018

wouldn't be December without this photo

its 13th annual posting bro 


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tie goes to the runner

December 7, 2018

'round the corner chocolate's made

you think it's kinda funny but it's really

more like irritable bowel syndrome

ok google   how do you spell diarrhea?

impulse control

auto correct

is that for here?

or    to  go

start seeing Raleigh Techniums

they're out there 

he has the attention span of a

what were we talking about

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three - nine 5

November 30, 2018

i remember your golden birthday like it was yesterday

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where's the cup holder?

November 27, 2018

If you don't know what you're talking about

A. talk louder

B. make something up

C. crack a joke

D. shut the fuck up 


the correct answer is D


15 years ago this multiple choice question appeared in an issue of kickstand.

Flapjack was 14 when that issue came out so he never got the memo. But now I'm working with him each and everyday trying to teach him that sometimes it's ok to shut the fuck up. 



well I said it once before   but it bears repeating   now




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it's the distraction from the petty details of everyday living

November 27, 2018

ode to the asspocket U-lock

November 20, 2018

aren't you glad I didn't say analog bike? 

here's to parking meters. handy bike racks installed every 50 feet.  Never completely taken over by chuffers or office workers out for a smoke. 

U-lock around the headtube & the parking meter post = good to go.

there aren't many parking meters in Seattle these days and that's ok because I don't have a headtube and I don't go downtown. 


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November 16, 2018


November 13, 2018

I'm not sure who took this photo in 2018 but I know that guy and there's been a lot of photo shoots and press releases and blah blahing about the final 50 fucking feet and sustainability and the what not but I want to see that thing --half stationary bike - half tractor trailer-- actually working in downtown Seattle. 

be careful what you wish for Long Island City  

Andy Voight took this photo of that guy at CMWC in September of 2003 and this is how it appeared on the inside cover of kickstand #17 in January 2004.

15 years later   Jake is wearing the same gloves. 

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November 8, 2018

the entire fleet is now rolling with Profile Design which as you know is the bottle cage designed for seamless transitions along the coffee-beer continuum.

All six of the cup holders above were once donated to a small nonprofit bike shop in 98118 and now they're rolling all around 98195. Thanks to Steve G and Bike Works. 

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November 7, 2018


those in the know   know

the unmistakable smells in the last week of July

and the importance of living a little RAGBRAI in daily life

but they don't call them Honey Buckets in Iowa



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riding in the margins of utility

November 5, 2018


same as it ever was: the ultimate urban utility bike is any old fucking thing you ride to work everyday


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orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

October 31, 2018

karma karma karma karma karma

October 29, 2018

as your eye is drawn to those culture club crank skins then to that 853 tubes sticker please take a moment to take in the profile design cup holder. 

easy-peasy if your colors were like my dreams  red, gold and green   red, gold and green.

i'm president of the profile design cup holders club and i approve this message

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like a rock

October 24, 2018

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