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what would Mike Sinyard do?

January 29, 2015

Specialized Shiv Pro Race   msrp $6750.00 


 if you're worried about credit card debt, paying off a student loan or back taxes then $6750 for a bike helps to put things in perspective.

I spoke with Alistair electronically this morning and my math was a more than a bit off but the gist was right on.

Bike Works brought in record sales on Sunday at the annual Warehouse sale. A huge amount of income in 4 hours for a small nonprofit shop that only sells used bikes and bike parts. But that same amount of money wouldn't even buy you two Shivs with Washington State Sales Tax.  

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Bike Works is hiring

January 29, 2015


in the coming weeks there will positions opening in the shop and the warehouse. these are part time permanent positions and not just your average seasonal bike shop gigs.

really for real

keep an eye on bikeworks.org 

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barefoot balance bike

January 26, 2015

the dad in me wants to say       slow down 

the cyclist in me says                   tear it up 



she dives into corners like a pro 

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tuesday is a licking day

January 20, 2015

today I was able to work a little RAGBRAI into my January and finish a jersey for a pre-paid customer patiently waiting in Wisconsin

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kick in the pants

January 18, 2015

bench mount work stand

January 16, 2015

taken out of context

take your kid to work day

taken to the next level


take it to the bank

take it or leave it 

take a picture it lasts longer 


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point of contact

January 15, 2015

one significant impact

January 13, 2015

"Wanna come downstairs and see my cheater bar collection?"

January 10, 2015


  • Gary Fisher - only the greatest cheater bar ever. Overbuilt and Oversized with considerable heft. It’s beefy and it’ll let you know you’re holding onto something substantial. Fits over any pedal wrench. Strong like ox.

  • Klein - the most expensive cheater bar ounce for ounce. It’s sporty and light and features a purple fade to pink paint job. With its high strength to weight ratio it gets the job done.  She’s got     pretty persuasion. When I need one cheater bar on the pedal wrench and one on the opposing crank arm this is the tool I’ll reach for.

  • Marin - an interesting ovoid shape is all it really has going for it. Although the oversized tube fits well over tools that need a little help.  These bikes are built to break as any serious commuter or consistent rider that weighs more than 150lbs will soon discover. Older steel Marin mountain bikes still have a lot going for them but the much younger aluminum hybrid Marins tend to crack.


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what's that sound?

January 7, 2015

silent but for one

eighth chain dancing on a three

thirty-seconds cog 

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.833 steer tube?

January 7, 2015


Warehouse Sale


January 25, 2015

11 am  -  4 pm

3715 South Hudson Street 

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jockey pulley

January 4, 2015

the last full week of July 2015

January 3, 2015

 the next time I ride RAGBRAI it’ll be on a bike that has a lot in common with the one in the photo and that jersey will be along for the ride too.

Matt Case and Steve Young should visualize a trip to Iowa on July 17, 2015 and plan accordingly.

The total expense of my next RAGBRAI bike will be matched only by the expense of shipping it to Iowa. I don’t actually have my hands on the bike yet, but it’s out there somewhere and it’s headed my way. In the garden of my mind I’ve started building it up.


my new bike will: 

  • rock a Nitto Dove Bar

  • have downtube  or thumb shifters

  • be full of no-nonsense solid state proven technology

  • have replacement parts available in any bike shop

  • feel right at home in a Casey’s parking lot

  • roll across Iowa from West to East in a smooth fluid motion

  • roll across the coffee-beer continuum transitioning seamlessly

  • have two bottle cages able to transport coffee and or beer

  • pay for itself in one RAGBRAI

  • be fine sitting in Jimbo’s basement 51 weeks out of the year

my new bike will NOT:


  • be hand-made in Portland by Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira

  • be less than 17 years old

  • weigh less than the UCI limit

  • be associated with 6061 or 7005

  • roll 27.5 inch wheel marketing horseshit

  • be televised

  • have Campy Record anything

  • have a Soft Ride stem

  • have a Brooks saddle

  • be sponsored by Mad Fiber

  • be financed by the Divine Cycling Group


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the truth comes out on the test ride

December 30, 2014


directly proportional to personal investment

taking it personally

all the way to point B

a well defined beginning & end

sandwiching an engaging experience

a sense of accomplishment


back where you started

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it's easy when you don't know better

December 29, 2014

I spy home field advantage

December 29, 2014

the bandwagon crowd got a bit smaller this season 

but now it's back up to capacity 

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nuts & bolts - nuts & bolts

December 26, 2014

no fluffy trendy shit

not just the look & feel 

it's the real deal


for real 

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often repeated old maxim

December 24, 2014

a pilderwasser tradition since 2006 

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turning the corner

December 21, 2014




Columbia City   Hilman City    Atlantic City

riding a bike on Rainier Avenue feels like suck

especially on the longest night of the year 

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bike o rama o rama

December 18, 2014

at the Bike o Rama about 100 kids will walk through that door and get a bike to take home. This photo is just a hint  a whiff a sample of what will go down on Saturday and it's a sight to see.

it's only one facet of the Bike Works jewel but it's really fucking cool to see those kids and those families walk out with their bikes and their smiles.

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