a quality of life issue

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every city every year every Jimmy John

October 9, 2015

this little piggy had roast beef

October 6, 2015

the cannery can can cans

October 5, 2015

how many cans can the canner can if the canner can can cans

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the sharpest tool in the shed, NOT

October 2, 2015

if I had to choose just one object to represent the antithesis of fluffy trendy shit, this might be it. a completely rusty Craftsman toolbox circa 1962. as functional as it was the day joe six pack received it as a father's day gift from his daughter who just recently became a grandmother. I slathered some oil on all the moving parts to quiet the squeaks and now it's good to go          again. 

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double you double you double you

October 1, 2015

this picture never gets old because it's fucking awesome

it's 2007      it's timeless

it speaks to me

on several levels



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carbon fiber footprint

September 29, 2015

after a rather brief stint in the aerospace industry influenced carbon fiber wheel world I've been offsetting my carbon fiber footprint slowly chipping away at it sorting piles of 30 year old mountain bikes as well as shoe boxes full of Onza pedals and their tri-color elastomer options with matching bar ends and stank grips wrapped in sheepskin seat covers tucked into Ikea bags of punctured tubes stacked on milk crates full of sharkfinned 110 bcd biopace chainrings and pitted loose ball bottom bracket spindles in explicitly labeled zip loc bags zip tied to their original water logged packaging. 

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titular shift

September 26, 2015

go west young man

or not

rotate 90 degrees

move 19 feet east by northeast

call it what you will

call it a day 

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electric assist kitchen sink

September 24, 2015

never too early

September 22, 2015


September 20, 2015

if we had a cat we'd name him Jody



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double diamond triple triangle

September 18, 2015

the shadow knows



show me a bunch of 27.5 - zs56 headset frames

I'll show you a bunch of scrap metal 


you can purchase the frame for $15 then you'll need a $100 headset and a $200 fork to think about building it up


fluffy trendy proprietary incompatibility 


show me a 5 gallon bucket full of toe straps 

I'll show you a mayonnaise sandwich with extra mayo


versatile utility 

useful versatility 


solid state proven technology

walk into any bike shop anytown anywhere in the world

and find a replacement part      so you can ride on 

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perfect circle of acquaintances & friends

September 17, 2015

spinning circles

effortlessly smooth

biopace chainrings

completing the round trip 

out and back

where we started

revolving around the sun

looking at a lunar calendar

treading water

jogging in place

traffic signal timing

don't walk

direct deposit

pay period




mosquito larvae

life cycle




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guitar hero ics

September 13, 2015

second second hand smoke

September 13, 2015

full fenders $1 --SERIOUSLY--

September 11, 2015

deore LX FC-M560 175mm

September 8, 2015

not just another boring bike-garage door photo   toss in a couple kids and see if you can see straight

nearly 5 years after Sally Claus brought me this Raleigh Port Townsend I have finally freed the frame from those sorry Sora OE parts replacing everything but the headset and the seatpost binder bolt. 

this time it's for real

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September 6, 2015

there goes the neighborhood

in individually wrapped single serving sized colorful containers

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September 4, 2015

proximity leads to assumptions but this isn't a Car 2 Go commercial 

I caught a glimpse of 25 on his whirlwind tour through town and 39 caught a photo of the moment. the guy on crutches was the one taking the pictures

speaking of 39 he's packing a real hardware store around holding his busted foot together so you can send him some positive thoughts and negative ions with your mind  (no joke, it works) or use your voice or your actual presence and bring him a beer and some beef jerky for fucks sake

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september morn

September 1, 2015

September mornings still can make me feel that way 


Old Mother Hubbard went to the keg

to pour her poor dog a beer

when she came there

the keg was bare

so that poor dog drank Rainier 


it's good to have a back-up plan

filling in the gaps

connecting the dots


living in the present

looking to the future

maintaining a healthy respect for the past

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it really is a quality of life issue

August 29, 2015

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