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inertia, moldy pumpkins and almond joy

October 22, 2014

put up this picture for the past 7 consecutive Octobers

can't stop now

traditionally when Halloween falls on a Friday, pumpkin burnout results from attending costume parties 5 weekends in a row. pumkins went on sale last weekend, got to make room for Christmas retail displays.  

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rotator cuff

October 17, 2014

the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons working together with group of bones and ligaments in your shoulders. it's actually pretty amazing that all that shit works itself out kinda like that 5-way intersection at the top of Queen Anne. a bus load of PhDs can only get close to replicating the human shoulder and except when I think of Brett Favre in a Jets uniform, it's not someting I've given much thought to until it started hurting and when I say it I mean my shoulder.

But with a few ibuprofen and some duct tape it should be ok


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have you seen my hat?

October 16, 2014

I got my custom made Double Darn hat back today... 





...i could tell you a story and maybe i will soon but it would be over 114 characters and beyond the attention span of the average internet consumer. in any case I'm glad to have my hat back


Double Darn caps are hand made in Portland by Misia Pitkin  

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retweeted zero times

October 16, 2014

pumpkins are great     when they're 80% of your body weight 

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we're all within 3 degrees of Jonny Sundt

October 13, 2014

ran into this guy in Greenwood on Friday

he hasn't changed a bit in the 7 years since this photo

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Free bike repair today. Free beer tomorrow

October 10, 2014

 Bike Works is teaming up with New Belgium Brewery to give local cyclists free tune-ups at local bars in the area. These bicycle happy hours will feature the Bike Works roving BikeMobile bike repair truck. Come visit us at one of the following happy hours and we will tune-up your bike for FREE! Stop by, grab a New Belgium beer, kick back and let the us take care of your bike!

Dates and Locations:

Time (for all locations): 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Cost: FREE (but donations are accepted)

Free Bike Tune-Up consists of:

Free Safety Tune: (Check tightness of all fasteners on bike, adjust brakes and shifting, lube chain, and inflate tires)

Free Individual Services:

  • Tube Installation

  • Brake Adjustment (*excluding hydraulic brake bleeds)

  • Derailleur Adjustment

  • Hub Adjustment

  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment

  • Headset Adjustment

  • Quick Wheel True

  • Chain Installation






this was totally cut & paste-poached from the Bike Works site because it’s for real   really.


I’ll be there and there and there and there too.


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on Ten-Nine Eight-Seven is Four-Oh

October 9, 2014

it's 10-9 Day and 87 is 40 fucking years old

Happy Birthday Justin

in the 17 years we've known each other  you haven't aged a bit 

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can't you smell that Lane Powell mailroom smell

October 8, 2014

on Tuesday Craig Etheridge sent this proof of him having his cake and photographing it too on his way out of Lane Powell.

Craig assures me it's the same as it ever was which is comforting in it's own weird warped whacked where am I way that is the alternate reality of the Lane Powell mail room.    



I visited a lot of large law firms back in the day mostly in their mail rooms which were kind of like the bottom bracket of the bike...  dirty gritty rusty and not too glamorous but the place where shit gets done and I identify with that but Lane Powell's mail room was always just a bit off for some hard to put a finger on reason.  

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unwinding unfolding unpacking

October 7, 2014

 pilderwasser HQ

unwinding unfolding unpacking

taking shape

elements of continuity

elements of distinction

checking things off the to-do list

but there’s always more to do

if it’s not one thing

it’s another

it’s a conveyor belt with a twist in it

so both sides wear evenly     endlessly

it’s a real live mobius strip

semi subterranean with dust bunnies

bigger and better than ever

featuring an actual toilet facility

higher ceilings

more square footage

more peg boards than ever before

all this and more

because there are so many digits in the address


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hard telling not knowing

October 6, 2014

smells like October

October 1, 2014

today I wore knee warmers
not because it was that much colder
but because the calendar said October

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I see a philtrum and I want it painted black

September 30, 2014

from the wiki:

 "The human philtrum, bordered by ridges, is also known as the infranasal depression, but has no apparent function. That may be because most higher primates rely more on vision than on smell and so no longer need a wet nose pad or a philtrum to keep the nose pad wet."

" In Jewish mythology, Lailah, the Angel of Conception, lightly taps the infant's upper lip before birth, whereupon the infant forgets the Torah she has taught it. Some people speculate that this is the cause of the philtrum, but it does not have a basis in traditional Jewish texts."

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backseat drivers & parallax error

September 29, 2014

it puts the lotion on its skin

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lightning strikes - - - - - AGAIN

September 28, 2014


you may recall, back in December I got my hands on an old KLEIN and made a couple cheater bars out of it as seen in the S.Neil Larsen photo above

and then    and then    lightning struck again    in almost exactly the same place    yesterday I got my hands on a KLEIN Quantum digitized below and made a cheater bar from the down tube and mounted it on the wall like an overpriced pink-fade-to-purple tubular trophy.

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what day is it?

September 25, 2014

yesterday I rode an ultimate urban utility bike to the train station and took the train into the 98101 arriving before the sun came up and well before my appointment I had some time to kill so I went to a little coffee shop near 5th & Pike and drank an Americano while rain soaked through my shirt in key places and dripped off the brim of my hat I felt my wet socks and got the thousand mile stare of a messenger standing by not cold just wet the passers by step into my office half expecting to be asked for spare change and it could have been any year any day any time in Seattle when you can't tell if it's coming or going because the sun really isn't there to give you a sign standing in that exact spot standing-by drinking 10,000 cups of coffee and 10,001 tall cans of beer getting that queasy back to school end of summer feeling and the first big rain of fall and asking myself if I can do another winter in Seattle.


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be the change that you wish to see

September 23, 2014

be change    see change    sea change

I don't see a lot of bike commuters on my bike commute. The bikes I see are mostly lycra spandex team kit two abreast pleasant conversation drowned out by the sound of $3000 freehub bodies whirring. they're not commuters, they're dentists from Clyde Hill or attorneys from Woodinville or software engineers from Beaux Arts making their way around the lake just passing quickly through 98178

and all that is OK               but

I'm the guy riding the other way

not many cargo bikes in this zipcode but there will be some day

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I think I overthink things I think

September 17, 2014

I prefer simple solutions, clean lines and no bullshit. Like taking the hypotenuse through the park.  Like shaving with Occam's razor once a week or so. Like wearing a black t-shirt.

Sometimes complications to the simple life are unavoidable, sometimes they're comical and sometimes they really suck.

Take a track bike and weld on a derailleur hanger so you can use it to mount a chain tensioner to run it singlespeed. Roundabout backtracking waste of time fucking-it-up when it was fine to begin with.

Take a garden hose to water the flowers and go out a buy a $43 attachment that sprays in 7 different patterns when all you really needed to modulate the flow of water was your thumb   which was free.


I found the simple life  aint so simple

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a taste each day & everything'll be A-OK

September 15, 2014

another Christy Hardin photo because it's fucking awesome and because I know her and I know that guy in the bib shorts with the tan lines and the head band and because it's important to get a little RAGBRAI into your daily life each day you're living

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something for everyone, anything for someone

September 12, 2014

this is my sister's movie

you can see it on the big screen September 27 in Seattle

look for it   at film festivals near you soon

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fast friday

September 12, 2014

today's my Friday

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