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between Jimmy John & John Forester

April 21, 2018

with some discussion of vehicular cycling in a previous post Alistair sent me a copy of the letter Roger Durham wrote to VeloNews in 1982 that was  then reprinted in the Rivendell Reader in 1995. Durham's letter sums it up and says it better than I can say it myself. 

when you google "the Roger Durham letter to VeloNews" you can find all kinds of discussion and cyclists yelling at each other, saying things like "you're making us all look bad" which I feel is a bunch of horseshit.

Durham is right on when he says watch how bike messengers flow through the city and learn how to limit your exposure time. 

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hella plausible deniability

April 18, 2018


I have a vague recollection of the events in question but without sufficient information I can neither confirm nor deny any allegations




when I was your age 12-packs of the Beast were $3.69 and full-on kegs were $27 at McNally's 


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"now entering period of maximum constraint, doors to my right"

April 13, 2018

as founder and president of the profile design cup holders club the addition of this bottle cage to the work bike makes it more functional and personal and versatile. as you know these bottle cages cover any situation no matter where you find yourself on the coffee-beer continuum.


what would John Forester do?

blurring the line between vehicular cycling and jimmy johns 

John Forester never rode a souped-up electric assist purple haze cargo bike with an 8' long wheel base around a college campus full of winding roads, slick bricks, dirt trails, side paths and loading docks sprinkled with 40,000 undergrads looking at their phones.  while the jimmy johns tear it up I smile and continue on in a safe and predictable manner monday through friday. 

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lux sit

April 11, 2018

spitting distance from a stones throw away

let there be light on the Latin via Greek 

it's a deluxe place to sit down after work

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April 9, 2018

we appreciate your attention to detail

when we say we     we mean me

i'd like to draw your attention to the zero-seven t-shirt

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April 6, 2018

I'm sore and tired and hungry and clueless like a rookie

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now & then +/- 10 years

April 3, 2018

gottagotowork gottagotowork gotta have a job

March 27, 2018

I got a job. a job-job. for real really. it's been a while.  I'll tell you about it some day in person because you don't need to download the app to read about it. 

that electric assist Bullitt with the box on top is painted in the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year. it's all coming together. 

this could be the only G & O sticker in the 98178


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this is your last free article

March 26, 2018

 plywood period #3

March 25, 2018

like it's 1999







in other fake news you now need to create an account in order to view this site and with your new account you can download the pilderwasser app and login with facebook from any device

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the uncorker of ocean bottles

March 20, 2018

Processed with Snapseed.

I have read a lot of childrens books in the last 7 years. a lot a lot and not a lot of adult books but this is the first book that takes on the issues of washed-up bike messengers. 

look for it at your local library. or buy it from Powells Books and then gift it to a 4 - 8 year old kid

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles

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old school

March 18, 2018

one of the guys at DANK bags complained about the prominent product placement of a Bob Anderton coozie in a previous post so I took this photo of one of the very first DANK coozies ever made sitting on a LYON barstool made in Aurora, IL with a plywood seat cover made right here at pw hq. 

when you get old you don't need to go out of your way to be old school. 

no matter where you are on the coffee-beer continuum

silkscreening on plywood is pretty painterly

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phantom nostalgia syndrome

March 15, 2018

invitation songs

March 9, 2018


it’s like the Cave Singers unmistakably coming through the sounds of 24 auto-flush urinals in the mens room at Sea-Tac airport


it’s the voice of reason speaking directly to me as I stared at a small turtle mowing on an overripe banana on a bed of lettuce in an aquarium in a pet store in the Sunset Square mall in Bellingham in 1993 that voice that voice that voice was telling me to live life now and not work at a job that sucks for 30 years with all eyes on retirement crossing off days on the calendar counting down the time to when I could really enjoy life


crossroads   not that mall in Bellevue  actual crossroads


real fucking forks in the road


clearly see now I can




life changing decisions


seemed like a good idea at the time


choices    choosy   choose me


goal disoriented 


the absence of a decision is a decision 


like the absence of hairstyle is a hairstyle


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neo retro so six years ago

March 8, 2018

same time different day

February 26, 2018

it's  still  not really about the bike but I'm not worried about the transom window anymore although the coils and coils of coaxial cable deadheaded get my attention and the pockets of urban decay surrounded by urban renewal are like little oasi where it's ok to wear the wrong shoes and have a bad haircut

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strange situation protocol

February 25, 2018

whatever will be will be

so said Eddie Money 


am is are was were can could shall should will would may might must has have had do does did been being



rote memorization

junior high pays off finally


wire monkey

cloth monkey


Ich bin

Du bist


if it was meant to be

it will be


wash rinse sanitize




realize the dog saw it coming years before western medicine had a clue


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come stand me up

February 20, 2018

two kids walk out of the library

dad says, "why the long face?"

just another bike share bike photo


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precious cargo

February 15, 2018

one of the guys down at DANK bags sent me this interesting photo of a silver minivan             and Craig Etheridge on a cargo bike.    If you're on instagram you know this is so 24 hours ago. But the last time Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day fell on the same day there was no instagram but there were bicycles in dense urban areas delivering the goods. 

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controlled demolition

February 12, 2018

when I say controlled demolition you say Silverstein and I say yes but this is the other Silverstein and go ahead borrow my bike awhile we may not be on the same page today but we'll all get there eventually



Monsters I’ve Met

I met a ghost, but he didn’t want my head,

He only wanted to know the way to Denver.

I met a devil, but he didn’t want my soul,

He only wanted to borrow my bike awhile.

I met a vampire, but he didn’t want my blood,

He only wanted two nickels for a dime.

I keep meeting all the right people --

At all the wrong times.


--Shel Silverstein


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if you lived here you'd be home by now XXXIX

February 9, 2018

93 used to say this site is just a bunch of 39 photos   

here's another one 

because anyone reading this is within one degree of 39

if I was on instagram this would be so 48 hours ago with a comment about posting photos with one hand in my pocket and the other one giving a peace sign

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