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fade From black

August 30, 2016

We can't return we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

--Joni Mitchell 

it's like the stem and bars from a late 80's Stumpjumper a little 30-year check-in that reveals what 30 years of sunlight can do to the original black finish

because you don't notice the slow decline looking in the mirror every day but when you see an old friend for the first time since 1989 you see what 30 years does to a person and realize what 30 years has done to you too



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The Impossible Hour + 2

August 26, 2016

Benotto   Modelo 2000

55cm square



this was the Bicycle du Jour at least the memorable one in the fog of aluminum front suspension upright comfort hybrids

I don't get my hands on a Benotto very often but when I do it tends to remind me of C. Forest Hoag 


and then when I dig a little deeper it reminds me of this


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he who brag of no flat tire, get flat tire

August 25, 2016

she who run fast   catch crowded elevator   stop on every floor

she who slow   catch the next one   get there faster


spit gum on sidewalk

get gum on shoe


talk shit

eat shit


there's a force in the universe I like to think of as the shut-the-fuck-up force that comes around for those that talk too much about never getting flat tires or always this or never that until things come around and even out and then those big talkers get the message and shut the fuck up


not so gentle reminders 




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fuck it. I'll make my own

August 23, 2016

hose clamps and duct tape. these are a few of my favorite things. not much experience with pvc but I've seen the hundreds of fittings available at the local hardware store and it's like a toy store with too many choices. I pulled this off a donated bike and I've had it hanging on the wall since because it symbolizes the diy spirit of bikes that appeals to me. the self contained independence of riding to work or riding anywhere on your own schedule. even when bikes don't work quite right they work pretty well and if you can't find what you're looking for then make it yourself. I'm not exactly sure what this person made here but they put some time and effort into it and I bet it got the job done. 

it's still true eight years later but now you have a new perspective

constantly maintaining a professional appearance with consistent locknut lip clearance. Sweet & sour pork triple clamp fork front suspension of disbelief. Loose balls, bearing jars of pickled herring. Brass nipples shits and-or giggles. Crank arm extractor. Ask Greg Vogel about the chicken tractor.  Nine dollar gourmet cupcakes. Poorly adjusted cantilever brakes. Headset press. Barefoot summer dress.

Cycling computer. Psycho commuter. Hose-clamped milk crate douche bags expecting respect from bungee-corded pickle bucket Dexter Avenue warriors. Fluorescent yellow jackets lineup. That light was red suck up. Heads up. On your left all around. Fixed gear conversion virgins whack track standing. Vehicular cyclist charade. Late-November chuffer parade.  

Thin ice. Poor advice. T-shirt tan. Window fan. Be kind please rewind. Your credit card has been declined. Forget full retailing smooth sailing. Forty hour work week too much tongue in cheek.

It will all make sense behind a white picket fence.


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KONA Cinder Cone

August 21, 2016

this bike rolled in with lots of mismatched parts and a blownout fork. the rat trap rack secured with a shoelace and a piece of plastic laminate wedged under the plastic crate to act as a fender. it had a 25.4 seatpost just floating in the seat tube. 

I got it down to the frame saving only the cranks and then I started over. Installing a threadless fork and quite a few new parts complimented by some trusty used ones. 

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you can lead a horse to water

August 20, 2016

as president of the Profile Design cup holders club easing seamless transitions along the coffee-beer continuum it pains me to be seen in public with an unsightly strap-on bottle cage like this. However it's wicked hot out and I'm a little more thirsty than usual on my short commute to work and this frame has no bottle cage bolts. when the temperature goes back below 90 I will most likely remove this thing. or bust out a bunch of zipties duct tape pvc pipes popsicle sticks and twine in the DIY bike commuter spirit of home-baked-half-assness perhaps drill the shit out of the frame and use some sheetrock screws to get that bottle cage to rattle around and kind of stay on there just a little cockeyed. 

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do me a favor, don't do me any favors

August 18, 2016

same as it ever was

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August 14, 2016

product placement

brand recognition

tucked inside a DANK coozie

celebrating 40+ years on two wheels

the beer is pretty good but the cans are awesome

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subconsciously 2007

August 11, 2016

what are you looking at?

August 10, 2016

what are you thinking about

what's on your mind

muscle memory


dance dance


habitrail twists

tectonic shift

things are gonna change   I can feel it

if A then B

if only

snake oil

placebo effect

negative ions

phantom asspocket U-lock syndrome

it's all in your mind

what are you thinking about



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and they were all yellow

August 8, 2016

give them an inch and they'll take 150mm plus or minus 5  as your aspect ratio has slowly changed over the past 20 years and this stem will no longer fit onto your screen without losing something in the adjustment         want to come downstairs and checkout my Control Tech stem collection? 

I'll be looking for an opportunity to bring this stem back to the streets of the 98118 in the next six weeks on an urbanized mountain bike refurbished for the consumer with a set of really  really swept back bars more upright and more laid back no need to dive out to that flat bar like Graeme Obree's superman on a 24 inch toptube with a stem stretching out another country mile over a blownout mag 21. 

150mm doesn't feel so bad now


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only 95 calories

August 6, 2016


this bike reminds me of Lance 

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August 4, 2000

August 6, 2016

XL nipple driver T-shirts $27

August 4, 2016

this is a screen shot the Old Bag saved from 2006

ten years later the only thing that's changed is I'm charging $7 more for shipping and handling and I'm using American Apparel shirts now and I most likely will not deliver your shirt by hand directly to your place of employment bike messenger style. I'll drop it at the post office. in 2006 I used to ride around to local bike shops with a bag full of shirts and try to sell them to poor underpaid bike mechanics. 

over the past several years of diminished pilderwasser shirt production this is the one shirt I've gotten requests for from repeat customers repeatedly.

here it is. send money. $27 that is. paypal does the trick. markpilder@gmail.com. 

you can have any color you want as long as it's black

you can have any size you want as long as it's XL* 






*other sizes available:

Small  "slate"

Medium "asphalt"

Large "olive"

understated dignified classic colorways that can take a beating


there are some other classic pilderwasser designs available but I don't play games so you can tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you'll get

at my shop you can order any foo-foo espresso drink you want and I'll take your order with a smile and hand you a cup of black coffee and there are 17 tap handles at the bar so order whatever beer you want however all those taps are connected to the same keg of IPA. 


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Abbot Kinney Blvd

August 3, 2016

the other day the month before the month before this I went to Venice Beach and wandered around aimlessly intentionally walking down Abbot Kinney the hippest street in the USA and all  I remember is some pretty good coffee in a shop selling $180 sunglasses as well as visiting briefly the Linus bike shop and passing by the Rapha shop that I could not even think about getting close to but closer to the actual Venice Beach I ran into this guy and that guy keeping in mind that these photos below are 4 -9 years old they are here to get the point across. there were no tweets no instagram or facebook live or snapchat but I learned that there actually is a lot of snapchat and google there as in there goes the neighborhood. real estate. abbot kinney. dog town. cycles. cyclical.  canals. 

this guy has somehow figured out the quality of life issues in LA since he left Seattle

that guy has gotten things dialed-in in LA as well  


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L - R specific matching arm warmers

August 1, 2016

caps not hats

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steel tubes welded together in such a way

July 31, 2016

Bridgestone 400

no bullshit    no fluffy trendy fucking bullshit.

only at Bike Works does a Bridgestone like this show up really dusty and crusty but sound rolling 27 inch wheels rear dropouts spaced 126mm and where two months earlier a cycling enthusiast donated a hand built 27" wheel set of modern hubs laced dangerously yet enthusiastically under-tensioned to new Sun M18 rims the rear hub spaced to 126mm with a fine 6 speed freewheel already installed in that place where these wheels hung on or near the ceiling waiting for their chance and finally it all came together topped off with a six speed thumb shifter of course.

I replaced every single thing on this bike except the brake calipers.   

Univega Alpina s6.3

the marblized reptilian greenish gold & black splatter paint job is actually amazing and a photo can not do it justice and as you know I've always been a big fan of the oversized bi-axial power oval and the bent chainstays on vintage Univegas. I replaced the suspension fork that used to offer up to 25.4mm of travel. I also swapped several other key parts on this rig to make into the ultimate urban adventurer. 

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it's neither there nor there, it's here

July 28, 2016

somewhere between there and there




somewhere between


going with the flow


pushing the river


somewhere between


passively drifting along with no plan getting frustrated with how things are going


attempting to adhere to an explicit down-to-the-minute itinerary    angry when things are not on schedule


somewhere between


not giving a shit


taking it all too seriously       seriously


somewhere between


oblivious     completely clueless learned helplessness


attention to (wrong) detail




somewhere between


the pendulum of the past swinging forward


the pendulum of the future swinging back




somewhere between


that’s the crusty old man’s house


Goddamn Kids GET OFF MY LAWN



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be bold. be strong.

July 25, 2016

R. Glass used to say this site is just a bunch of pictures of 39 (say "three nine")


here's one more. 

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six degrees of Becky Todd

July 23, 2016

the pilderwasser collective has once again mobilized near the Missouri River for their annual great bike ride across Iowa


Orange Whip?  

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