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point of view

April 29, 2016

adjustable stem maxed out riser bar cocked forward bar ends poking up riding high on a sprung out bouncy front suspension it makes my wrists hurt and my jaw hurt in a TMJ way and if I was a shop mechanic I would respect this setup with extra caution like dealing with a wounded animal but being a bike mechanic in an unconventional context the first thing I get to do is yank that cockpit and fling it across the parking lot so I can replace the stem and bars with something a bit more durable functional versatile traditional  

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let's roll

April 28, 2016

Fleetfoot messengers never had to pass piss tests

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drink beer, ride bikes, you know the rest

April 26, 2016

Steve Young is rounding up a posse this weekend

for real



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April 23, 2016

put 10 miles on this yesterday about the same amount of miles the original owner put on it in the last 25 years. still a few kinks to work out. there are no test rides here only rides to work and back.

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April 22, 2016


your name embroidered on it

--Sarah Galvin

There will be a meteor shower at 3am,

this Kate Bush album is good,

Nick, who I sort of knew, died yesterday—

I tell you anything.

I told you when a guy in Pioneer Square 

yelled at me, “Someone just 

died back there!”

I heard sirens

Then he added, “Ya got a nice butt!”

I could think of 

no better response to death.

I told you that when Nick died I pulled his old bag, 

embroidered with his nickname, “Fingers,”

from under my bed and cried, 

thinking of a painting he made 

of a refrigerator with a forest inside it.

I told you the lace of peeling gray paint

surrounding an electrical meter

which no one else would notice but you

made me feel like a moderately-priced car 

rattling from outrageously

loud, clear speakers.

All these words would be depleted by your absence

like the word “Fingers” on that bag

I could walk around complimenting strangers’ butts,

except “butts” would mean something different if you died

and so would “compliments.”

I wouldn’t know what to pull from under my bed

or put back.



- See more at: http://cityartsonline.com/articles/your-name-embroidered-it#sthash.9WJDOVYr.dpuf

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ask me ask me ask me

April 21, 2016

ask me about social media presence

ask me about circumcised shadow puppets

ask me about learned helplessness

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we've got, nothing better to do

April 19, 2016

one Seattle cycling season spent working at Perfect Wheels with Larry Naylor I learned a few things about bikes and working on bikes. some of it stuck with me. some of it makes so much more sense to me 13 years later. Larry liked to call STI stops "El Diablos" and that's what I liked to call them too because I never really called them anything before I had that job. Now 13 years later I still call them that and it has slowly  leaked out into the air of the Warehouse and last week became official in print on the small parts bins. I know someone that spent three days sorting and labeling all this little shit.


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April 15, 2016

wheel base : country mile

April 14, 2016

We don’t need another hero and I don’t need another bike but I’ve rejuvenated 393 Rock Hoppers over the years for so so so many other people now finally one of them is for me.

This is my newest used bike in its rough draft outline first iteration form but as President of the Profile Design Cup Holders Club I had to install a bottle cage right away but it’s not just any bottle cage it’s the ultimate facilitator of travel along the coffee-beer continuum able to accommodate road masters as well as tall boys just as well as tall drip coffees and plain old water in water bottles. I’ve been dehydrated since 1997 you know diuretic-schmiuretic  

The dropouts are semi sorta horizontal so it can go single-speededly but most likely it will go 7-speeds with XT thumbies naturally like urban utility with room for bigger big big tires and fenders if need be in a clod hopper long wheel base thursday is the new black stealthy 559 bsd so six years ago Suntour Shimano mashup thrift store accessibility sort of way.  

The foundation is set for this bike to be built up and over the next few weeks it will end up looking just like all my other bikes because it’s one of my bikes now.  One is not enough and seven is too many ( you know that Bianchi is for sale )


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moving on... ...up

April 12, 2016

Congratulations Steve on the new job new hat new city new time zone

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whatever works. works

April 8, 2016

you may not have a shifter cable you may not have a shifter or a shifter cable but maybe you have an old Bic you could wedge in there and keep things on the second cog. it beats walking. whatever works. works. 




as the fair weather fans and weekend warriors come out of hibernation and bike shops staff-up

if you've ever worked in a bike shop you will appreciate Ric's perspective and experience

i'm the guy that prefers not to chit-chat and gets shit done and gets frustrated with all the horseshit

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a taste a hint a whiff

April 5, 2016

a little RAGBRAI finds its way into each and every day

sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to discover it


even if you've never ridden across Iowa you can still

sit on the curb and enjoy a can of beer & some BBQ


seven days  eight years later

one day   some day   today

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57cm Bianchi for sale $345.67

April 3, 2016

no joke really for real really

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drive side pant leg prophylaxis

March 31, 2016



vestigial galvanized festivus fence poles are great places to collect reflective 1996 chilly hilly ankle bands


your pants can't get stuck in the drivetrain if you're not wearing any


plaid shirt tucked into pleated khakis tucked into sock all good until the messenger squeezes onto the market elevator with you and tattoos your nondriveside pant leg way up high with a well worn drive train because the elevator is full of fair weather fans and tourists 

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2.54cm per inch

March 31, 2016

it's all good, until it isn't

March 29, 2016

it was cool until it wasn't then it wasn't cool

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bike of the week - 1988

March 27, 2016

this Panasonic mountain bike is a text book example of a Panasonic Individual Choice System (PICS) bike that back in 1988 (senior year Garvey High) could be ordered at your local bike shop and delivered to you with the paint job of your choice. Almost everything I've learned about PICS bikes came from this site so there's no need for me to plagiarize or poach or play it off blow hard like I actually knew anything about them before two days ago when this bike came out the of the donation dumpster. 

I believe there is a time and a place for an after market Switch Blade fork and this may not be the time or the place but that's a personal choice. 

when sorting through thousands and thousands and thousands of bikes once in a while one of them stands out in the crowd and deserves a closer look


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bikeworks exists pigboy exits

March 26, 2016

a photocopy of pencil sketch sharpie-d over and faxed into a jpeg for 20 years

talk about sustainablilty      fuckin A+


ask me about my learned helplessness

ask me about my name tag collection

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5 years

March 23, 2016

airport way grey

March 21, 2016

a happy day and then you pay

you feel like shit     the morning after

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