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that's what they want you to think

November 20, 2014

to put a finger on it

don't ask questions

swallow it whole


black Friday 

shopping days 'til Christmas



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fingering the hard to put a finger on

November 18, 2014

giving them the finger ten times or just once on each finger it’s how you figure your fingers firmly fixated on the hole in the donut unable to see the whole donut but a swift kick in the balls helps one take one step back and refocus with a grease smudged lens and a new hitch in the get along low sodium black olives add salt to taste

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loose balls

November 16, 2014

if it's not one thing it's another

November 12, 2014

 saw a pair of tuxedo cats on Stevil’s site the other day and it reminded me of a brother sister pair I had on hand for 17 years or so     so I went looking for pictures of my cats in my photographic memory and I found a photo of Brad with a lowercase g theme which reminded me of other things and things other

Brad passed a few years ago and that lowercase g got spray painted black and now lives on the wall in the shop (see photo above)

in the last two weeks I’ve heard from three different people about the people in the photo below:

Pham got married

Sam didn’t                        and

Reed makes kickass marionettes


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that which we call a rose is a rose is a rose

November 7, 2014

colors are cool

but the names of colors really get to me

personally                  retrospectively

a few things about my 2006 stand out 

Sand Dollar is not one of them  

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resistance is futile

November 4, 2014

how was your weekend?

November 3, 2014

day in day out

November 1, 2014

 flipping the calendar page to November and preparing to synchronize all the analog clocks on the wall to make another long dark winter deposit in the daylight savings bank makes me pause to reflect and celebrate an arbitrary milestone a random goal set up to knock down with wearing short pants every day for six months no matter what because it doesn’t really matter because I can because I could because I did because everyday is was and will be because today is my Casual Friday and they’re not just short pants they are Dickies Original 874® Work Pants cut off just right

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tight geometry

October 30, 2014

 this is a shifter demo I created last week. Once again inspired by the Community Cycling Center in PDX. Seattle always seems to be trying to  catch up to Portland on transportation issues.

Six months ago Lindsey took a trip to Portland and upon her return talked about CCC and all the cool demos they have for instructional purposes and I said we should do that here. As you know   when I say  we   I mean me  and here is Bike Works and now the other shoe finally dropped            again.  

when you clamp it in the stand this thing lets people wrap their heads around limit screws and cable tension and index shifting and derailleur-shifter compatibility and other little do-hickeys with everything you need and nothing you don’t    all right there at your finger tips.  

the tight geometry allows for an extremely efficient power transfer and the rotating mass of the non existent wheel makes pedaling a breeze and allows you to really stick your nose in it and get all up in there and take a closer look.




I did not destroy this tank-like Bianchi mountain bike just to make a shifter demo. As I was cleaning it in preparation for refurbishing creating another ultimate urban utility bike I discovered a large dent in the chainstay. So I actually saved it from the recycling bin by repurposing it.  

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keep in mind the manual override

October 29, 2014

ultimate urban utility hacksaw

October 26, 2014

 I have a fondness for tubes of steel welded together to make things simple   graceful   useful.

When Elliott Bay Bicycles closed down they made piles of various tid bits, buckets of bolts and boxes and boxes of that really random stuff that collects in the corners of bike shops over 30 years  and they donated it all to Bike Works.

So far this hacksaw is my favorite thing out of the piles.

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October 25, 2014

I am without sufficient information

therefore cannot comment on the situation



but I'm curious  

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a ferrule within a ferrule within a barrel adjuster

October 23, 2014

parallel lines never actually touch they only appear to at that vanishing point your junior high art teacher told you about in addition I’m not really into cars but I can sincerely say Vanishing Point is a cool movie and arbitrary goal setting goals sitting on the horizon are as worthy as anything making it up as we go along because in the end it’s all horseshit or is that the beginning  like wearing short pants everyday for six months because you can because your pants can’t get wet if you’re not wearing any  it’s about following through and doing what you say you’re going to do because I won’t fucking forget what you said and you only have to say it once perception is reality  really until the next morning when you can see straight



 I’ve been putting some effort into the construction of this bolt circle diameter totem as seen in the photo above. To the untrained eye these are just a bunch of chainrings hanging on nails on a post. But take a closer look. Each chainring is hanging on a 5-bolt or 4-bolt circle corresponding exactly to its bcd. Ideally there is no way to fuck it up. For the employees or volunteers sorting through piles of used bike part shit it’s easy to put the chainring where it belongs and there’s no need to measure and label and guess the bcd (plus or minus 3 hand written on a scrap of masking tape in purple sharpie). just find the bcd pattern that fits and hang it up. And for the customer it’s easy to find what they’re looking for.

Neil showed me photos of a set up like this from the Community Cycling Center in Portland months and months ago and I said we should do that here. When I say we   I mean me   and here is Bike Works. So finally the other shoe dropped and I custom made some bcd display bolts from fender struts cut to length and pounded them into that old growth timber holding up the building.


Come by and check it out someday.


But don't fuck it up.  

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inertia, moldy pumpkins and almond joy

October 22, 2014

put up this picture for the past 7 consecutive Octobers

can't stop now

traditionally when Halloween falls on a Friday, pumpkin burnout results from attending costume parties 5 weekends in a row. pumkins went on sale last weekend, got to make room for Christmas retail displays.  

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rotator cuff

October 17, 2014

the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons working together with group of bones and ligaments in your shoulders. it's actually pretty amazing that all that shit works itself out kinda like that 5-way intersection at the top of Queen Anne. a bus load of PhDs can only get close to replicating the human shoulder and except when I think of Brett Favre in a Jets uniform, it's not someting I've given much thought to until it started hurting and when I say it I mean my shoulder.

But with a few ibuprofen and some duct tape it should be ok


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have you seen my hat?

October 16, 2014

I got my custom made Double Darn hat back today... 





...i could tell you a story and maybe i will soon but it would be over 114 characters and beyond the attention span of the average internet consumer. in any case I'm glad to have my hat back


Double Darn caps are hand made in Portland by Misia Pitkin  

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retweeted zero times

October 16, 2014

pumpkins are great     when they're 80% of your body weight 

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we're all within 3 degrees of Jonny Sundt

October 13, 2014

ran into this guy in Greenwood on Friday

he hasn't changed a bit in the 7 years since this photo

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Free bike repair today. Free beer tomorrow

October 10, 2014

 Bike Works is teaming up with New Belgium Brewery to give local cyclists free tune-ups at local bars in the area. These bicycle happy hours will feature the Bike Works roving BikeMobile bike repair truck. Come visit us at one of the following happy hours and we will tune-up your bike for FREE! Stop by, grab a New Belgium beer, kick back and let the us take care of your bike!

Dates and Locations:

Time (for all locations): 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Cost: FREE (but donations are accepted)

Free Bike Tune-Up consists of:

Free Safety Tune: (Check tightness of all fasteners on bike, adjust brakes and shifting, lube chain, and inflate tires)

Free Individual Services:

  • Tube Installation

  • Brake Adjustment (*excluding hydraulic brake bleeds)

  • Derailleur Adjustment

  • Hub Adjustment

  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment

  • Headset Adjustment

  • Quick Wheel True

  • Chain Installation






this was totally cut & paste-poached from the Bike Works site because it’s for real   really.


I’ll be there and there and there and there too.


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on Ten-Nine Eight-Seven is Four-Oh

October 9, 2014

it's 10-9 Day and 87 is 40 fucking years old

Happy Birthday Justin

in the 17 years we've known each other  you haven't aged a bit 

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