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I'm not angry, I'm disappointed

March 25, 2015

I'm not your Bucky

March 23, 2015

One day 16 years ago or so   I bought a Bucky’s vest from a real Bucky for $10 on the back porch at Linda’s. It was really worn out and reeked of sweat but we both felt like we were getting a good deal. He said he could tell his dispatcher he lost it and get another one and with that ten bucks he could get another 1.5 pitchers of Rainier.  I wore that vest once in a while     mostly on the weekends.

Today I made myself a new Bucky’s vest but I’m not your Bucky and I never was.

at Elliott Bay you couldn’t get out the door at the end of the day with your purple vest or jersey. They were checked in and checked out with amazing precision and a well documented chain of custody.

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it's all fun & games until you put a price tag on it

March 23, 2015

stack height

March 21, 2015

show me a 47cm frame

I'll show you some toe overlap


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the NASHBAR catalog

March 19, 2015

where do babies come from?  the hospital

where do apples come from?  Safeway

where do bikes come from?  the Nashbar catalog


4 years ago today   a birthday


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let the sunshine in

March 18, 2015

tradition convention this is how we do it we do it that way because that’s the way it’s always been done join the club get on board don the uniform assume the position non-drive side flip side clockwise quick release skewed skewer works consistently consistency constantly variable iron oxide steel wool wire brush white lithium simple green      whatever

let the sunshine in

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there goes the neighborhood, again

March 17, 2015



circling the block looking for parking

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fender eyelets

March 14, 2015

 this    from a series of amazing shorts Alistair told me about

if you think this guy is just installing fenders, you're mistaken. go back a few videos and watch how he customizes every little thing. every   little   thing.      it's a joy to watch. to watch someone at ease with a huge variety of tools to watch a master craftsman in his natural habitat     a guy who knows his way around a work bench. 

if you've ever half-ass zip-tied your way through another Seattle winter you can appreciate a set of full fenders, but these go way beyond "full"  this guy is not just unwrapping and installing a set of fenders.   

and watch a few more of his videos. those fenders are just a hint a taste a whiff of what else he's doing with bikes


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it's done when you say it's done

March 11, 2015

south park

March 7, 2015

like it's 1999

March 6, 2015

 this graphic originally appeared in kickstand as a centerfold visual representation of all the legal messenger companies started by guys that used to work at ABC and then a few years later a revised version was published after ABC bought-out sucked-up and re-absorbed PNP back into the mothership adding just one more arrow to show PNP flowing back up sort of completing the circle in a comes-around-goes-around way and although this is just a digital photo of an 11" x 17" poor quality photocopied facsimile that’s stapled to the wall here at HQ it gets the point across and when one of those guys down at DANK bags a few days ago sent me the Kozmo-PNP throwback mashup snapshot seen below it reminded me of this flowchart centerfold like it’s 1999 and by the way that’s Neil himself a messenger air traffic controller dispatcher postal worker Seattle history mashup which reminds me of a time when a messenger could rent a spacious apartment on Capitol Hill for $350 and when 157 Yesler housed no fewer than 3 legal messenger companies


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mission creep smooshy face

March 3, 2015

mission creep

parallax error

smooshy face

self fulfilling

feedback loop

coaster brake

safety brake

back slap

ad hoc

stop gap

spray paint

band aid

under tone

sub text

back story

missed connection

circuit breaker

ground wire

knob tube

zip code

light rail

horse shit

half ass

formative years

blank slate

sponge bath

under arm

over hand

cross thread

gorilla tight

lefty loosey

bloody knuckle

cheater bar

pattern baldness

kangaroo leather

traffic mitigation

inside job

controlled demolition

let’s roll

well lubricated

crisp shifting

search engine

retro active

social justice

Mercer Island


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March 1, 2015

a JB Welded freewheel gerry-rigged into a fixed cog radially laced all wrong on both sides with a complete absence of tension on spokes that are too long creating a dangerously sketchy attempt at a wheel that probably popped a few spokes on the first half pedal stroke of its maiden voyage


propped up near a cement wall in midday sunshine the shadows make it look a little more like a two-cross just a little less sketchy  

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Goldilocks' 3 beers

February 26, 2015



divisible by 4

with liberty and justice for all

when one’s not enough

and two’s too many

who you gonna call

that’s too small

that’s too tall

this one is just right

they’re all made in the same factory

no need for a coozie

empty calories

misdirected energy

static stasis stagnant

stationary bike ride to nowhere

anywhere anytime anything

all the time

mindful living

with a mind full of bullshit petty details

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people taking pictures of people taking pictures of bikes

February 24, 2015

a pair of 17s beats a full house

February 23, 2015

top tube

February 22, 2015

horizontal dropout pincer grasp sacrificial anode

February 19, 2015

a little pilderwasser pops up in conversation now & then

someday you can buy this guy a beer    then sit back and listen 

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so this bike walks into the shop and the bike builder says, "why the long stem?"

February 18, 2015


February 13, 2015

are you my Bucky? 

I know a corndog that's been a bike messenger in Seattle for 15 years. 

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