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hooded sweatshirts 10 years later

April 24, 2017

this reminds me of Seth and  it also of Chris Murray and Chris always reminds me of RAGBRAI and if you've never heard of RAGBRAI it might as well be an acronym that stands for riding BMX bikes at night in bunny costumes with hooded sweatshirts. Yesterday Alistair sent me this link to something that I most likely never would have discovered myself and it's actually a great intro to RAGBRAI and what it's all about from an interesting vantage point. Ten or Eleven years ago I caught a glimpse or two or Lance on his first RAGBRAI but mostly I just saw the pack of people and the camera crews following him or leading him out and I never got that close


digging through my photographic memory for a shot of Lance I found THIS shot from RAGBRAI 2006

that's the bike that now lives next door to me

that's the bike I recently hacked the handlebars off of

that's the bike 


it's a small world after all 

it's a small    small    world

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16" wheel ditty : derelict tennis courts

April 24, 2017

this kid has been on a balance bike for years including this glorified balance bike until last weekend when she put the pedals back on and took off shredding alleys and derelict tennis courts at the edge of town deep in the 98118 and 98178. one set of courts has not seen tennis since Reagan was in the white house the other set still has nets up but sees mostly beer cans and fireworks and off-leash dogs and kids on bikes. at the Bike Summit in Oly last month where I got that fucking ditty bag I also got to see a presentation from a designer at Alta about the traffic garden in White Center that opened late last year on what used to be a set of tennis courts.

now all we need is $100,000 to transform the courts down in Rainier Beach  

Aerial footage from grand opening of new bicycle playground at Dick Thurnau Park,with Native American Blessing from King County Parks on Vimeo.

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Hot Chicken Cold Beer

April 20, 2017

I know a guy that knows a guy that makes coozies  

intense RAGBRAI training day in day out

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little ditty bout 16" wheels

April 16, 2017

the time is NOW is the time

April 13, 2017

that moment when the pendulum stops

before it swings the other way

no longer the past

not yet the future

that moment

is   now



right now



 this was the most read article in the New York Times last year and with all the horseshit that happened in 2016, that's reason enough to take a look but there are some other reasons it's worthwhile too and if you're ready to explore a bit more there's more out there 

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a little 50112 in the 98118

April 12, 2017

Steve G sent me these photos of ye olde Cannondale that made its way across Iowa more than a few times and recently rolled into Bike Works. 

those in the know know but it case you don't have the secret decoder ring it's important to work a little RAGBRAI into your day-to-day living. a taste of Iowa (50112) right here in this zipcode (98118)  if that means buying a six pack of tall boys and sitting in the shade across from the beer store or if that means wearing your official RAGBRAI merchandise to work 51 weeks out of the year  or if that means riding a tandem with a blowup doll strapped on the stoker seat       whatever works   works

a couple years later   call me maybe.   a new wheel set. two water bottles. a frame bag. new grips. seat post. saddle bag. I'm not a big accessories fan. keep it simple. but this bike wants to ride across Iowa and I don't want to have anything in my pockets or on my back or in some crazy canadian fanny pack. let the tool do the work.  

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just riding along

April 8, 2017

there goes the neighborhood

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a pair of el diablos can change the world

April 6, 2017

can you find 14 differences between these two photos?  the dream of the 90s is alive in Rainier Beach. I know a guy that knows a guy who's wife dropped this bike in my garage and said "can you tune it up?" and I thought "are you fucking kidding me?"     but I said "how do you feel about those handlebars?"  I'm pretty sure I can make this bike a bit more comfortable for every day just riding along and I pulled a few parts out of my back pocket and slapped them on and when I say a few I mean a riser bar  thumb shifters  brake levers  el diablos  a smaller chainring and cables & housing and a 27.2 post to replace the 27.0 that was in there with the binder bolt mashed to the max bottomed out and then she said she wants to pull a kid trailer around the neighborhood and it's all downhill from here so she wants some low low low gears and I said "I don't have all that in my back pocket right now"... but it is possible with a triple crank up front then change the BB spindle length and of course the front derailleur and the rear derailleur and the cassette too and toss in a new chain or you could just buy a used mountain bike and could I interest you in a lock? lights? a helmet? fenders? a rack? bottle cages? a computer? a bell? gloves? a jacket? a cycling cap? frame pump? tire levers? a patch kit? multi-tool? saddle bag? 

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Smart Trips

April 1, 2017

Dr 37 Mike was in the house today when he paid a visit to HQ with the family as you can see in the photo he's just this side of the JIS screwdriver he gave me and just right of the poster from Whatcom County and if I was on twitter this would be so seven hours ago 

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f l a t

March 31, 2017

vanishing point flat

last nights beer flat

big midwestern city fixed gear flat

collapsing in its own footprint flat

boring fucking monotone flat

affectless affect flat

Harmony in Red flat

no time flat

making up the rules flat

controlled demolition flat

slow leak on a 3-day weekend flat

they say they come in threes flat

no CO2 in the kegerator flat

tangent to the edge of the earth flat

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elbow elbow wrist wrist wrist

March 29, 2017

You say tomato. I say scrunchie. You say wrist coil key holder. I say whatever, you know what I mean. I used to ride a bike a lot and I used to lock and unlock my bike a lot. A lot a lot. So much so that I suffered from phantom ass pocket U lock syndrome for many months after I turned back into a plain old bike commuter. As a messenger I tried many tricky tricks and strings and things to keep track of my key. After messing around with a bunch of silly contraptions I finally settled on the 89 cent wrist coil and stuck with it. These colorful coils were often available free in a big cookie jar at Perkins Coie reception  or they could be purchased at a huge mark-up from a locksmith on Capitol Hill. These coils vary in quality and elasticity. Some would never spring back when the temperature dropped below 40. Some lasted two weeks. Some lasted two months. But the one I had until yesterday lasted over 7 years. Seven fucking years for 89 cents.


It seems silly to trust a cheap ass piece of plastic with the key to your ride. But it works. It worked for me and it still does until it doesn’t.   Yesterday when I was drinking a cup of coffee and I heard a clang when some keys hit the floor and I thought somebody chucked their keys at me until I realized they were my keys and my scrunchie broke.


One day yesteryear I was standing in line at the Broadway post office when Art KnR handed me my scrunchie and key. He found it on the ground next to my locked up bike where I dropped it when I took off my gloves. Thanks Art.


Another day in the late 90s I rode up and down Second Avenue retracing all my stops looking for my scrunchie. After about 30 minutes of zigzagging around I reached...

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one way or another

March 28, 2017


one way or another it’s a continuum


and you may ask yourself

“what would Robert Arzoo do?” (wwrad)


smooth the transitions

in either direction


one way or another


burning a few new neural pathways

riding the old ones into the ground


it’s all in your mind


real      or  perceived

reality  vs  perception

reality  is  perception


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tap tap swipe

March 23, 2017


if you haven't heard of the 529 project    you will soon. 

you can learn all about it here  

on Tuesday I got to learn more about it from the guy behind it and I won't try to summarize the entire story when you can just read it yourself but I will say it's impressive. well done with a simple user friendly interface. the information on your bike is actually useful when it's in a place where the people that will see your bike in the world can look it up instantly because you can get the word out that it's stolen instantly. Ever since I registered my bike with the local police department 30 years ago and I got a sticker and they wrote my name down in a three ring binder I've never bothered to "register" my bikes anyplace because it has always seemed pointless. but this 529 platform finally takes advantage of the fact that everyone is walking around with computers and cameras in their pockets and they can be useful. as you know bikes disappear in Seattle and reappear in SF or PDX at bike swaps and on Craigslist so when the I-5 corridor begins to get covered with 529 stickers it can really make a difference and as more and more bike shops get on board and more and more bikes are registered the effectiveness will increase and that little shield on your seat tube will really mean something. i registered my cargo bike this morning and plan to register my beer bike and maybe my kid's bike too because it's easy


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March 17, 2017

ask me about 100% lambswool Burberry wrapped around a coozie made by those guys down at DANK bags

ask me about product placement and brand recognition

ask me about brand loyalty

ask me about that guy they call Sally

ask him to estimate how many beers have been through that coozie since he got it off of me

ask me about the wicked long selfie sticks they sell in Nebraska

ask me how much of my liberal arts education was actually frisbee

ask me about the Semi Recumbent Tandem Club of Upper Rainier Beach (SRTCURB)

ask me if I ask myself "how did I get here?"


ask me about the Washington State Bike Summit in Olympia



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it's not progress, it's change

March 13, 2017

thanks Steve Maluk 

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electric assist resist

March 13, 2017

the redzone is for loading & unloading only

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single serving size

March 11, 2017

it's all downhill from here

March 7, 2017

really it is.  all downhill from here.  

going out for a ride is easy. coming back home is difficult. 

elevation gained and lost and lost again. 

potential energy. unused potential. 

kids get bigger. bike stays same size. 


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to tell two friends to tell two friends too

March 3, 2017

4/1/17  3:27pm natch       be present    like mindfulness




if you and or your two friends ride a bike and want to gain a little more confidence working on bikes like basic bike repair there's another session of Bike Repair 101 starting in a few weeks on Tuesday nights.

this batch of classes starts the day after 327 Dave's birthday aka 3-28-17 

you two and you too can register here

I know the instructor knows what's what as far as getting from here to there on your own terms because I know the instructor  

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palindromic sequences

March 2, 2017


no need to explain. it's Seattle in 2017 

no need to say Galland Building just say "twelve twenty one" 

i gained a deep appreciation for palindromic street addresses

and free form examples of bilateral symmetry 

as well as short elevator rides or stairs

free-lock quick pick drop in & out 

one day 10 years ago or so somebody dropped their $450 msrp Burberry shawl in the lobby of 1221 and the rest is history

and now that 1221 is history too Sally says he still has that coozie

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