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come stand me up

February 20, 2018

precious cargo

February 15, 2018

one of the guys down at DANK bags sent me this interesting photo of a silver minivan             and Craig Etheridge on a cargo bike.    If you're on instagram you know this is so 24 hours ago. But the last time Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day fell on the same day there was no instagram but there were bicycles in dense urban areas delivering the goods. 

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controlled demolition

February 12, 2018

when I say controlled demolition you say Silverstein and I say yes but this is the other Silverstein and go ahead borrow my bike awhile we may not be on the same page today but we'll all get there eventually



Monsters I’ve Met

I met a ghost, but he didn’t want my head,

He only wanted to know the way to Denver.

I met a devil, but he didn’t want my soul,

He only wanted to borrow my bike awhile.

I met a vampire, but he didn’t want my blood,

He only wanted two nickels for a dime.

I keep meeting all the right people --

At all the wrong times.


--Shel Silverstein


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if you lived here you'd be home by now XXXIX

February 9, 2018

93 used to say this site is just a bunch of 39 photos   

here's another one 

because anyone reading this is within one degree of 39

if I was on instagram this would be so 48 hours ago with a comment about posting photos with one hand in my pocket and the other one giving a peace sign

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¿cómo se dice? lather rinse repeat

February 6, 2018


I'd like to think this Bullitt is wearing the 2018 PANTONE color of the year

Image result for pantone 18-3838

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any given sunday

February 1, 2018

all four of these bikes remind me of the BikeWorks warehouse inventory any given Sunday     except they're only open on Saturday these days

treading water on an endless stream of incoming dumpster donations pulling bike after bike from a tangled mess

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sugar sugar

January 30, 2018

high fructose corn syrup

it's not fake news

State of the Union = 02 + 35 + 27 


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fast friday

January 25, 2018

the feelings a mediocre pizza cutter can evoke...

perhaps 10 or 12 years isn't enough time passing to comment on historic significance. so for now I have no comment but in 2028 I'll have something to say. until then I will not be cutting any pizza with this thing.

ditch the drop bar and hack a riser bar down to 9" then spray paint the front wheel 


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snipe hunt

January 22, 2018

some kind of a joke making progress towards some unattainable ideal talking to myself at the bus stop when I realize this isn’t a bus stop and I’m not making much progress riding a stationary bike watching CNN receiving compliments as well as criticism for the exact same thing what’s the difference it depends on your point of view


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RCW 66.44.250

January 20, 2018

that's Andy Friday in the hiking boots. found this photo as I sorted through all my old photos of messengers drinking beer in "public"

a little bird told me that a couple messengers were given open container citations yesterday at this very spot. as Seattle grows at a record pace and thousands and thousands more people are wedged into the city, it seems to me that a messenger drinking a beer would be the lowest of the low priorities and I'm sure the interim police chief has bigger fish to fry. 

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there goes the screen door slamming shut

January 15, 2018

it's not about the bike it's about the transom window

it's about coils and coils of coaxial cable deadheaded in the gutter

it's about urban decay     nature taking over

it's rat traps and paint chips 

it's moss vs pressure washer

it's urban renewal and street level retail

when it is about the bike it's about the Ritchey Force stem and the Ritchey Logic cranks and the really old steel frame and it's always going to be about thumb shifters but  it's never going to be about hydraulic disc brakes 


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Alexa, ask me about my learned helplessness

January 8, 2018

wouldn't want your job on a day like this

January 5, 2018

please take a moment to locate the pilderwasser sticker nearest you. keep in mind it may be behind you.

January 2, 2018

Chris Murray sent me this photo and I have some recollection of the events in question but I don't even know if he took it. however, since 2005 he has taken a shit load of RAGBRAI photos and maybe he saw me put up a shot of Dan from 2006 yesterday and felt like maybe I needed a dose of 2017. in any case he emailed it to me. my first two RAGBRAIs I didn't own a cellphone and Chris let me borrow his to call home a few times. 

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too much is never enough

January 1, 2018

the bike messenger did not completely kill the fax machine

December 29, 2017

i think this is a Tyler Goldsmith photo

yesterday I received an email  from a person in Omaha with a document attached (pdf) asking for my original signature (in ink) and a return in one of a variety of ways. 

I was proud of myself for riding my bike to a public library to print the document on actual paper so I could sign it with a ballpoint pen and take a picture of it so I could email it back to Omaha as an attachment (jpg)  I sent the email and soon got a response that a photo of the document would not cut it could I please scan it and email it or fax it to Omaha. fax. fax it. fax machine. It's been nearly 20 years since I fed document into a fax machine and nearly a year since I worked close enough to office workers to print sign scan email a document. the 19 year old legal messenger in me wanted to take the hypotenuse and hand deliver the actual paper with my original signature to the address in Seattle instead of faxing it to Omaha so they could email it back to Seattle but in my old age I realized this would kind of fuck things up in some paper trail chain of custody legal sort of way so I did some online reasearch and found a fax machine near me in a kinkos-like playground within a large shopping mall at the southern-most tip of Lake Washington where I fed my document into the mouth of an actual fax machine and heard the high pitched whine and dial-up static of yesteryear while waiting for a confirmation printout so I could pay my price per page. 

19 years ago the legal messenger in me was drinking really cheap beer at the Storeroom with Matt Case and I took his picture with a camera on film that I then dropped off at the drug store and waited a week for...

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almost every picture tells a story

December 22, 2017

didn't stumble upon this photo on instagram I got it at a thriftstore saying it was a gift for my brotherinlaw then a few days later I was thinking of subtle ways to tell my sister if he doesn't like it and wants to get rid of it then I will totally take it back until I realized I can skip all that bullshit and buy him another gift and keep this photo for myself because it's fucking amazing with layers and layers of hidden meaning and unanswered questions 

why was the photo taken? why was it blown up to 16" x 20" and framed? why was it donated to a thrift store years later? why Linda Ronstadt? where is that footstool today? where are your priorities? what are you looking at? what matters? what's important? 

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December 16, 2017

super human strengths are needed just to make it to the pro peloton. enormous lung capacity and heart efficiency. resting heart rates around 30 bpm. from there begins the search for the next next little thing to gain advantages. bike technology consistently tweakes toward what some call progress offering small gains to the racers. while team doctors and scientists seek new and untested ways to push the human body beyond it's limits. 

in the context of bike racing the fact that Chris Froome tested at twice the legal limit for an asthma medication is not surprising. 

Alistair pointed out and I agree how entertaining it was to watch stages of the Tour live on OLN early in the morning before work back when Lance and Ullrich and Beloki and the gang were juiced up beyond belief. it was good bike racing it ws fun to watch it was dramatic

i haven't watched a Tour stage for a long time and it's not because I'm bummed about the performance enhancing drugs. I have a great deal of respect for Froome as an athlete but I do not believe he's much fun to watch on tv. 

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"give a little bit..."

December 14, 2017

I used to like that song and I hope Supertramp got paid-paid because it's now tainted forever. 

Amazon is a common discussion topic in Seattle and I don't want to dive into that pile of shit. But this photo sent to me by Mr AT speaks volumes on the most basic street level as well as the big picture level. 


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Andy Friday

December 5, 2017

Andy Friday died last week and I don’t know the details because I heard it from a friend of a friend who facebooks and another friend who is on facebook.


I was unable to retrieve a photo of Andy Friday from my photographic memory except this one that I tried to take of him and Banks at the Ballard Crit eleven years ago so I’m going to retrieve a few images of him from my actual photographic memory.


Andy wore a flannel shirt and sweatpants no matter the weather no matter the precipitation and sometimes he wore a pair of work gloves. He sometimes sported a carry-on style bag with a radio tied onto the strap. He rode bikes that were pieced together with seemingly incompatible parts, but he made them work. The classic Andy Friday bike was a road bike frame designed for 700c wheels with a 700 up front and a 26” in the rear with a flat bar and only a front brake because the calipers wouldn’t work on the rear wheel. He would ride the wrong way down one-ways directing traffic with authority pointing waving and scolding drivers in his deep voice.


When Andy was between messenger jobs there were times when you’d hear your name shouted out and turn to see him behind the wheel of a yellow Mercedes convertible. He’d tell a short story about this or that then be on his way.


Riding down a residential street one weekend I heard my name and stopped surprised to see Andy Friday chilling in a bathrobe on the front porch of a very large North Capitol Hill home. He was house sitting and had a few random stories.


Andy Friday was unusual comical opinionated and intense. He was unlike anyone else I’ve ever met. He will not be forgotten.


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