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December 16, 2017

super human strengths are needed just to make it to the pro peloton. enormous lung capacity and heart efficiency. resting heart rates around 30 bpm. from there begins the search for the next next little thing to gain advantages. bike technology consistently tweakes toward what some call progress offering small gains to the racers. while team doctors and scientists seek new and untested ways to push the human body beyond it's limits. 

in the context of bike racing the fact that Chris Froome tested at twice the legal limit for an asthma medication is not surprising. 

Alistair pointed out and I agree how entertaining it was to watch stages of the Tour live on OLN early in the morning before work back when Lance and Ullrich and Beloki and the gang were juiced up beyond belief. it was good bike racing it ws fun to watch it was dramatic

i haven't watched a Tour stage for a long time and it's not because I'm bummed about the performance enhancing drugs. I have a great deal of respect for Froome as an athlete but I do not believe he's much fun to watch on tv. 

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"give a little bit..."

December 14, 2017

I used to like that song and I hope Supertramp got paid-paid because it's now tainted forever. 

Amazon is a common discussion topic in Seattle and I don't want to dive into that pile of shit. But this photo sent to me by Mr AT speaks volumes on the most basic street level as well as the big picture level. 


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red turtleneck sweater

December 7, 2017

Andy Friday

December 5, 2017

Andy Friday died last week and I don’t know the details because I heard it from a friend of a friend who facebooks and another friend who is on facebook.


I was unable to retrieve a photo of Andy Friday from my photographic memory except this one that I tried to take of him and Banks at the Ballard Crit eleven years ago so I’m going to retrieve a few images of him from my actual photographic memory.


Andy wore a flannel shirt and sweatpants no matter the weather no matter the precipitation and sometimes he wore a pair of work gloves. He sometimes sported a carry-on style bag with a radio tied onto the strap. He rode bikes that were pieced together with seemingly incompatible parts, but he made them work. The classic Andy Friday bike was a road bike frame designed for 700c wheels with a 700 up front and a 26” in the rear with a flat bar and only a front brake because the calipers wouldn’t work on the rear wheel. He would ride the wrong way down one-ways directing traffic with authority pointing waving and scolding drivers in his deep voice.


When Andy was between messenger jobs there were times when you’d hear your name shouted out and turn to see him behind the wheel of a yellow Mercedes convertible. He’d tell a short story about this or that then be on his way.


Riding down a residential street one weekend I heard my name and stopped surprised to see Andy Friday chilling in a bathrobe on the front porch of a very large North Capitol Hill home. He was house sitting and had a few random stories.


Andy Friday was unusual comical opinionated and intense. He was unlike anyone else I’ve ever met. He will not be forgotten.


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PVC plasticity reduxy

December 1, 2017

Had a dream I was sleeping
woke up in a shower curtain factory 
the smell didn’t bother me
being taunted by Rick Steves
made me speak Chinese

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December 1, 2017

N30 18

November 29, 2017

happy birthday Steve

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hand turkey day

November 23, 2017

still life with coozie

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salted caramel, or not

November 16, 2017

a quality of life issue since MCMLXIX


One of the tenets of this place is: if it’s not one thing, it’s another    as in   in the absence of anything important or meaningful stupid petty little shit becomes monumental. It’s one of the pressure treated 4x4s holding up the entire deck that kickstand-dickstank-pilderwasser industries rests on rides on works on and so on in the whack-a-mole maintenance schedule we seem to follow. when we say we   we mean me.  taking care of business. the cost of doing business or not.  there are some key keywords that keep popping up.


what are you looking at. what matters? what’s important?

the red octopus accommodates 16 empty Rainier cans


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two circles and a seat

November 16, 2017

Justin sent me this 40 years ago and I got it last Friday

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coming up roses

November 12, 2017

cognitive biases rosy retrospection phantom nostalgia syndrome and the what not playing cards drinking beer nine or ten years ago fond memories wondering what we used to do with all that free time with no way to really know what sequence of events would unfold into 2018 the five year plan questions still make me chuckle in a goal disoriented way I prefer realistic goals like wearing shorts until Halloween and that moving-to-Portland-to-retire-concept is so 7.67 years ago

amtrak to pdx circa 2010 bun in the oven what's your 18-year plan stress case scenario 

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ofo you didn't

November 4, 2017

product placement

brand recognition

urban density

urban growth boundaries

hearing examiner

tax exemption

non-drive side pedal threads stripped

seized seatposts

illusory correlations



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whatever it takes

October 31, 2017

pumpkin seeds

October 30, 2017

recurring themes reoccur 

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bike share bike mechanic bike

October 27, 2017


That’s not my bike


Much of bike mechanics’ work goes unnoticed unappreciated under the radar behind the scenes back of the house. But the work of bike share bike mechanics in under under under appreciated.


Did you finish that bike yet?




No, not that bike, that one, the orange one to the left of those 750 other orange ones here in the warehouse


  • check the stem bolt on the 1 ⅛” quill stem and bar with basket one piece combo
  • Check frame alignment
  • repair bent and broken fender struts
  • replace damaged chain guard
  • true wheels replace broken spokes
  • replace brake pads
  • replace rear brake cable
  • adjust brake calipers
  • realign brake levers
  • replace torn grips
  • trouble-shoot lock mechanism
  • replace broken tail light
  • replace stolen saddle
  • lube chain
  • replace rear tire


When that bike is finished repeat the procedure 751 times 

As soon as those bikes are finished unpack and assemble the 500 bikes in boxes that just arrived from China in those shipping containers outside the warehouse

They're not just the same color they’re all the same fucking size too

I’m not providing commentary on the benefits of bike share in a crowded city I’m commenting on the mountain of work the mechanics have to maintain these bikes.

Sisyphean ground hog dayish repetitious loop de loop fuckin A ad nauseum


I thought you said your bike doesn’t suck

That’s not my bike

I want my oompa loompa NOW

In today’s disposable insatiable on demand tap the app instant gratification Seattle people want it now and they want it for $1.00 and they want it to function and be readily available within 50 feet of their present location at any given moment.


Other cultures other languages have the complicated sentiments boiled down to a single word or two. Powerful words that sum up the behind the scenes hard work the pride and internal motivation that keeps people showing up for work day in and day...

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apple cider vinegar

October 23, 2017

risk management

October 21, 2017

a bartender walks into an insurance office

the actuary says "what's your zipcode?"

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1999 like it's

October 13, 2017

Matt Case sent me this because I'm not on facebook and upon first glance I smiled and thought that's Tyler Goldsmith that's 1201 3rd that's around 1998 then later I looked again I looked closer I looked back into that grey area between 89 S Washington and 2225 4th Ave between Brian Voss and Erik Jahnz between Dez and Stu between Sit N Spin and Spitfire between the OK Hotel and Fuckin A

no tattoos no helmet no phone no radio only a pager and a tiny T2 bag hovering near Perkins Coie hanging on the beep wating for the word to go upstairs and call on a landline for further instructions something like call from Foster or take all that shit and come to base or all of the above twice in reverse and back round trip 

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low angle autumn afternoon

October 12, 2017

take a picture it lasts longer

33 Canadian geese

114 cigarette butts

7 ballpoint pens

1 post it note

1 park bench

1 hour with nothing better to do


combine ingredients in a large sphere. fold in gently. do not over stir. allow mixture to season at room temperature for seven years. salt to taste. 


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didn't see it on instagram

October 10, 2017

"I saw your site is still up but you just use old messenger photos" said Treebeard five years ago so here's a 9-year old treebeard photo


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